Somaliland: Awdal Governor Issues Public Property Vacate Order


Roadworks in Borama detered by residents enchroachmentBy: Yusuf M Hasan

BOORAMA Somalilandsun- The Awdal regional government is currently unable to provide public services properly as a result of lack of infrastructure to operate within.

This was informed by the Awdal regional governor Mr. Abdo Ahmed Ayre during a press conference in his Borama offices here he also reveled that a number of residents are encroaching on land set aside for roads expansion.

Governor Ayre who said that it is impossible for the regional government to provide services while devoid of administration offices and other relevant structures urged those occupying public buildings to vacate them immediately.

The governor also disclosed that most public buildings are occupied by family members of powerful individuals among them brothers and sisters of the minister of agriculture Prof Aden Elmi Gedole who hails from the region.

Said he, “I request he minister of agriculture to expeditiously check out his kin from the numerous public houses they occupy in Borama town thus serve an example to the ordinary citizen”

Assuring that the vacate order was not an attack on an individual or community Governor Ayre said that it has become impossible for his administration to justify continued residence in public buildings by some individuals while his staff works in congested offices.

On the dire need of road expansion in the various towns in the region the governor said current government and local councils efforts especially in the regional of Borama are being hampered by massive encroachment on land set aside for roads expansion by residents who have gone to the extent of erection structures on the said land.

The order for residents to vacate illegally occupied public infrastructure by Governor Abdo Ayre is a clear indication that the move by president Silanyo of posting governors to regions which they are not original residents is slowly bearing fruits.

Governor Abdo Ahmed Ayre who I the immediate past governor of Toghdeer his home region is the first non-Awdalite to occupy the regional governors mansion in Borama town.