Somaliland: Aviation Minister Commits to Resumption of Operations at Egal Airport


Hon Mahmud H Abdi HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The face lifting of Egal Impersonal Airport shall come to a close within a period of two months.

This as per the minister of Aviation and air transport Hon. Mohamud Hashi Abdi who informed the Somaliland National TV that the face-lifting at the city based Egal international airport is in final phase and the due date of resuming suspended operations is approximately in two months.

According to minister Hashi operations at the airport that were suspended late last year to accommodate the face-lifting shall be resumed immediately works come to an end

 Works at Egal Airpor nearing completionThe city based international airport has been serving small crafts thus passengers using Berbera international airport since mid-last year when construction begun

The face-lifting will see a new tower erected in addition to a lengthily run-way that will replace the current 2km once while has put in place in 1958

The aviation minister also said that parallel works at Berbera airport are going on smoothly and are expected to end on time.

The two international airports of Egal and Berbera have been undergoing modernization courtesy of a $10m grant from the government and people of Kuwait.