Somaliland: Australian Foundation Condemns the Terrorist Attack in Kenya


Mohamed Hussein

Somalilandsun – Speaking on my capacity of the president of Somaliland-Australian Friendship Foundation. We the Somaliland community in Australia, profoundly and categorically condemn this merciless and barbaric terrorist attack against the innocent and peace loving people of Kenya.

We wholeheartedly hope that these perpetrators and maniacs will be brought to justice and pay the price for the crimes that they have committed.

I sincerely believe that it’s about time the international community should be united for the elimination of this murderous cult. Who are not willing to spare anyone regardless of what. They subsequently do not represent neither Muslims nor Islam. And unfortunately, they sadly brought to an unbelievable shame to our beautiful, universal and peace-loving religion of Islam.

They are so determine of using the name of Islam as their own justification of furthering their own deadly political ambitions and terrorist attacks while consistently radicalizing young children for their own deadly missions.

Finally, we express our heartfelt condolences to the government and the people of Kenya for the loss of so many innocent people as a result of this barbaric terrorist attack.

Mohamed Hussein.


Somaliland-Australian Friendship Foundation.