Somaliland: Auditor General Removed Unceremoniously


Somaliland Auditor General Abdirahman Dheere Removed Unceremoniously

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- In a presidential decree # JSL/M/XILQ/249/1-4946/072017 the president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo has fired the Somaliland Auditor General
The decree addressed to the AG Mahmud Aw Abdi Ibrahim ‘Mahmud Dheere’ and cced to deputy AG, Accountsnt General and minister of Finance Read.
Sir ,
I hereby extend my thanks for the period you have performed as the Somaliland Auditor General in which you have distinguished yourself.
As you are aware public office is like a merry go round with holders coming and going as per the needs of the day and time.
To this effect I hereby inform you that it is my decision to relieve you of your duties in the office of the Somaliland Auditor General.
Since this decree takes effect immediately and in lieu of the importance of the office I hereby ask you to have over to the deputy Auditor General who is temporarily in charge.
Allah Mahad Leh
Ahmed Mohamed Mahmud Silanyo
Republic of Somaliland

The decree did not give reasons behind the AG’s axing though it comes at a time when the country is experiencing seemingly sanctioned corrupt disposal of public property as exemplified by the peculiar incident that ensued with somebody within the administration selling the official residence of Awdal regional governor in Borame town
More peculiar is the fact that this firing comes three months to presidential elections literally translated to mean that the current admintrstion is just in office for that period of time.