Somaliland: Auditor General Accuses WFP of Corruption


By: G. A. Maher

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The auditor general office has accused Ministry of planning that over sees the work done by WFP was alerted by the auditor general concerning food stuff that have gone missing in mysterious circumstances.

In a letter of complaint sent to the charity organization pertaining under her nose was forwarded by the Ministry of Planning. In a confidential report the government of Somaliland put forward to the WFP senior official reports prepared about eastern regions food distribution that condemns the WFP senior officials of theft of food during the past 3 years of H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mahmud

(Silanyo) Presidency.

The report says that WFP was forced to sack three senior officials because of their endemic corruption thence prompting President Silanyo to appoint a committee comprising serving members of the cabinet to investigate the agency. Then committee instructed the auditor general to investigate the agency and thus the report was revealed.

WFP has asked the government to give it two weeks to investigate the claims. WFP coordinator Mr. Yusuf Osman Garaas has issued a circular to the government and donors concerning those who apply for food assistance to follow the right channels in their application for aid.