Somaliland: At Abarso Tech they don’t just Learn Academic Education and Read Books


At Abarso Tech they dont just learn academic education and read books

Somaliland has the best boarding school in the region

By: Hawdian

Somalilandsun – In Somaliland when it comes to studying in the region, Addis Ababa University is always their first preference and they know too well about its quality education. Another rising star in the region in terms of education is Mekelle education.

I believe another good story in our search for quality education is Abarso Tech School in Somaliland, a boarding school founded by a Somaliland intellectual and American Wall Street investor in 2009.

On 12th December 2013 the school awarded 24 kids scholarships to leading colleges and universities in the US, Europe and Africa. In total they gave scholarships worth over $2.5 million.

Nimo Ahmed Ismail at Oberlin College in Ohio

It is a successful story and may even produce more university students in the US than Horn of African Diaspora community in the US in the next decade.

Located outside Hargeisa, its a boarding school for both girls and boys. The brightest students from Somaliland study here. They will become the future leaders. The teachers are mostly Americans and Europeans.

Abarso Tech graduate Guleid Ali now at Westminister College

Abarso is not the first boarding school that did so well in Somaliland. Sheikh Secondary School, which is situated near the town of Sheikh in a remote part of Somaliland, was for very long time the most respected boarding school in any Somali region. Almost all of Somalia’s and Somaliland’s intellectuals studied here. It was established by the British.

Najib Abdihamid at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar with the NBA legend Alonzo Mourning. He went from shooting hoops at Abaarso School to shooting hoops with a legend This is quite extraordinary.

It still exists but it lost its reputation because of lack of fund and management. Before it was funded and maintained by UK.

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