Somaliland: Asphalt Road Officially Connects Baligubadle and Hargeisa Towns


The 65Kms road commissioning precedes a ceremony in which President Silanyo reaffirmed his commitment to nationwide development during a traditional lunch shared with Residents of Hawd region

A Young Somaliland citizen hikes a ride on the shoullders of president Ahmed M Silanyo  during a meet the peole tour  beween  Baligubalde and Hargeisa towns

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
BALIGUBADLE (Somalilandsun) – in ongoing activities commissioning development projects in Somaliland the head of state officially commissioned a newly construct asphalt road linking the national Capital Hargeisa to Baligubadle town, the Hawed regional capital.
Upon completing officially duties related to the new road and public facilities inspection president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo flanked by various government, political and traditional dignitaries joined hundreds of residents from Hawd and Maroodi-jeeh regions in a sumptuous traditional lunch meal at a site between the two regional capitals. .

President Silanyo gets a feel of the new road
Afterwards president Silanyo informed citizens that his main obligation is the undertaking of his main presidential mandate, namely to facilitate ease of livelihoods for citizens while fulfilling his campaign pledges pertaining to multi-sectored developments nationwide.

While the lunch with ordinary members of public was unique during the current tour , just like an earlier visit to Salahley where a five kms road was commissioned president Silanyo who was given a warm welcome by residents , reciprocated in kind through a stroll amongst them getting individual briefing by those luck on livelihood status and government services. View more event photographs
Watch the presidential function