Somaliland: Asli Mayd Co Donates Drought Relief to Sanaag


The also maydi food relief donation was handed to Dery foundation for distribution in sanaag region of Somaliland

Somalilandsun- Asli Maydi Company handed over tones of food aid to DERY Foundation to deliver food aid to droughts affected region in needed families, the amount of food were estimated to cover 1000 families in the Sanaag region, which is largest region in Somaliland. Though it is fourth time that the ASLI MAYDI COMPANY contributes food aid to support most needed families in the region .the DERY Foundation representative, appreciate the ASLI MAYDI COMPANY, how they take participated the drought relief when the people needs the most.
Also ASLI MAYDI company operation manager recommends the Somaliland businesses to learn from us how to participate such devastating drought, and in need of “life saving” food aid.
The operation manager has appealed to the international community to urgently respond to the calamity in order to help families and individuals to recover from the effects of the drought disaster to avoid humanitarian tragedy. The Sanaag region has been dealing with its worst drought in decades over the years, and people are reaching the breaking point. as situation report on 2017.the people “affected” by the drought. In the draft emergency assessment, the language is much stronger
“We know that the drought situation is of serious concern for a significant segment of the population, which has been affected by the worst mainly in Sanaag. Lastly,an old says” your friend indeed is your friend in need’.

Reported by Ahmed Ali Abdi

Somaliland and other regions of the Horn of Africa are suffering from one of the driest years in memory. Severe shortages of food and water, along with spiralling food prices and the deaths of livestock, have plunged many families into destitution.