Somaliland: Artificial Quake Confirms North Korea’s Nuclear Capabilities


Big quake reported in the vicinity of North Korea Nuclear test site

By: Yusuf. M Hasan
Somalilandaun : In the early morning of Friday, GMT +3 international media houses reported of an earthquake in North Korea with a magnitude of 5.3 on the Richter scale.
Shortly afterwards reports from South Korea informed that it’s neighbour North Korea has tested a ten kiloton nuclear device contrary to United Nations resolutions that Impose sanctions against continued nuclear development by on the administration in Pyongyang.
Read more North Korea is believed to have carried out its fifth and largest ever test of a nuclear device, South Korean military officials say.
Since 2006 the UNSC has adopted five major resolutions that impose and strengthen sanctions on North Korea for continuing to develop its nuclear weapons program and call on Pyongyang to dismantle its nuclear program “in a complete, verifiable, and irreversible manner” and refrain from ballistic missile tests.
Read more UN Security Council Resolutions on North Korea
Contrary to the legally binding UNSC resolutions adopted under Chapter VII, Article 41 of the United Nations Charter that demand North Korea rejoin the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and member states explicitly prohibited from using force to carry out the obligations of the resolutions, the authorities have within 2016 conducted five missile tests.
If as is increasingly becoming obvious that the earlier suspected 5.3 scale earthquake around the Test sites used by Pyongyang is actually a nuclear test then it is obvious that North Korea is officially a member of the exclusive Global Nuclear power club.
Apart from the implications for Japan and South Korea both militarily aligned to the United States, coming in the heels of president Obama’s visit to the region is discernibly a poignant message to the West at large and its UN fronted sanctions and never ending ostracization of the communist administration in Pyongyang.

So what next the Korean Peninsula vis ‘a’ viz., Pyongyang’s defiance of UN resolutions and subsequent Western nations and cahoots sanctions as well as the Next door panda link and powerful protector in Moscow?

In the meantime latest reports indicate that  Roth Korea has confirmed Fifht missile test