Somaliland: Article Publication Suspended


Somaliland sun – This is to inform that the Somalilandsun editorial board has ordered the temporary removal of an article posted yesterday and titled Somaliland: Security Gaps at Egal International Hargeisa.

This result from a number of issues raised by companies mentioned in the article by Shire Duale of Erigavo, Sanaag region of Somaliland.

Since the issues raised by the mentioned Egal Airport security stakeholders negate the information pertaining to insecurity at the main Somaliland Airport as well as further revelations pertaining to the Horn risk management (HRM) as part and parcel of security.

Though numerous other issues were raised the alleged misuse of the airport security equipment donated by the British government (DFID) through Adam smith international-the consultancy was further refuted.

While we are open to submissions by our many readers that we never hesitate to publish the Editorial board has issued a must be fulfilled order to the Editor in Chief Yusuf Mohamed Hasan to verify the facts about the issues raised by Shire Duale from the ground itself, that is at Egal International Airport .

At the same time we are in agreement we the airport’s security stakeholders for facilitation of full access to any information and sites within the airport required by the Editor between the 16th and 17th November.

If factual information contrary to that by Shire Duale is availed his article shall be permanently removed and readers given the correct information while Failure to provide relevant proof negating that of the suspended article by stakeholders shall culminate with republication of Somaliland: Security Gaps at Egal International Hargeisa, with a lifespan of 14 days on the FrontPage.

somaliland sun logoTo this effect we the Somalilandsun Editorial Board kindly request patience from our readers as we pursue the matter

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