Somaliland: Art of Stealing from Unsuspecting Women Shopkeepers in Hargeisa Perfected


Somalilandsun: Thanks to the introduction of a number of technological gadgets we are now learning how some thieves whose special is shops operate not only in Hargeisa but most probably in the rest of Somaliland

The video here clearly shows how a female shopkeeper in Hargeisa was robbed without violence and in broad daylight.

The thieve who is smartly dressed arrives at the small scale shop in a flashy car which he parks at the shops entrance thus display his affluence to the shopkeeper.

After pretending to hold a very important telephone conversation with a partner somewhere in Europe, thence completely putting his target in trance the predator goes on to order this and that and in large quantities.

The goods are loaded to his car one at a time and with the assistance of his still Unsuspecting prey.

As a measure of his conning talents the smartly dressed thief upon enticing the shopkeeper to deliver the last package to the car, thus left alone in the shop, he embarks on his final act, Stealing the woman’s mobile phone.

As she returns inside he pretends to collect something from the car and once inside, the engine is turned on and he disappears leaving a cloud of dust rather than payment for goods.

Well this is Hargeisa where many people are very believing especially towards those smartly dressed and more so if driving.

While we feel sorry for the conned shopkeeper we also appeal to anyone who recognizes the culprit to report to the nearest police station.

Thanks to #saar who shared the video