Somaliland: “Arrangements of the 7th High Level Aid Coordination Forum between Donors and Government Satisfactory”-SONSAF


Somalilandsun – Local Civil Societies have congratulated the Somaliland donor community and the government with special gratitude’s to the ministry of planning and national development for a successful High Level Aid Coordination Forum held at the Ambassador hotel in Hargeisa between 3rd and 4th November.

Below is a CSO statement on the issue

SONSAF Statement on the 7th High Level Aid Coordination Forum Meeting, Hargeisa Somaliland
On 3 and 4 November 2014, the 7th High Level Aid Coordination Forum took place in Hargeisa bringing together the Government of Somaliland, the international community, INGOs and Somaliland Civil Society. At the Forum the government reported on progress in achieving its development objectives as set out in the 2012-2016 five years National Development Plan and in line with the New Deal – Somaliland Special Arrangement.
SONSAF welcomes progress to date, particularly commitments to deepening democratization in the country. It sees the forthcoming 2015 elections as another important milestone in Somaliland’s development. The National Electoral Commission is in the process of being approved and ID registration has begun- both important steps forward. However, there are still many steps that need to be in place before free, fair and transparent elections can take place. This includes ensuring sufficient time for a voter registration process, which should be independently monitored; civic education programmes begun; and a women’s quota implemented, to ensure their greater political representation.
There has been government progress to reform and strengthen public financial management, though the process continues to be slow. SONSAF commends the commitment to developing legislations around the extractives sector. In order to enable the successful development of this sector, it is essential that conflict sensitive approaches, transparency, accountability, commitments to protecting the environment and human rights are integrated into such legislations. This should be developed in close consultation with both civil society and communities
SONSAF welcomes the commitments and support that the international community continues to give to Somaliland. This includes the World Bank and the African Development Bank commitments to greater financial support to the economic development of Somaliland.
There have been efforts to better engage civil society, however, there needs to be clearer means of how Civil Society, as essential actors in a functioning democracy, and who have been historically key in provision of services and building peace, stability and encouraging workable democratic state institutions. SONSAF is committed to elevating the voices of civil society and communities across region of Somaliland but needs continued support to do so. It furthermore saw the 7th HLACF has been broadly successful and bringing multiple strategic actors together to reinforce our shared vision of a democratic and economically successful Somaliland.
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Date: 7 November 2014