Somaliland: Army Evicts Khatumoists from Taleh Town, AGAIN!!


Somaliland Army Special forces enter Taleh

By: Yusuf M Hassan
TALEH (Somalilandsun) – The bravadoes of the Khatumo III conference organizers ended after their boss Ali Khalif Galayd escaped from Taleh barefooted.

The Somalia MP and chief Khatumoists decamped Taleh in around 5am in the morning after Somaliland Armed forces entered the town to reinforce local police efforts to deter the convention of the planned Khatumo III conference whose main objective was the formation of a government and selection of office bearers for the mythical Khatumo state to be purportedly hived-off areas inside Somaliland.
Speaking to Somalilandsun on phone the mayor of Taleh councillor Jama Isse Shau’ur informed that the military’s arrival in the Sool region town and ensuing with the escape tail between legs of Galayd and his cahoots of secessionists was prompted by request of reinforcement by local police.
“Despite threats of deadly combat by the Khatumoists the army met no resistance and managed to evict the Khatumoists without firing a bullet thence any injuries on either side” said Mayor Shau’ur during his Somalilandsun interview with Ali Hasan Yey
A few malcontents under pay from Garowe and Mogadishu had been amassing in Taleh town with intent to hold the much postponed Khatumo III conference whose main objective was geared towards putting Somaliland in an awkward negotiating position with Somalia during resumed internationally sanctioned talks between the two Horn Africa countries to have been hosted by Turkey mid this month.
Aware of the determinati0n of Somaliland to not only deter the convention of the ill mooted Khatumo III with resultant establishment of regional government but5 protect its territorial integrity as well, regardless of Turkey and internationally sanctioned talks the Somalia Government of president Hasan had a few days earlier requested postponement, the tenth since he took office.
As for Somalilanders who received the news of Khatumoists eviction from Taleh, the big question is WILL the Government WITHDRAW the troops immediately as happened a month or so back?
And if their (Citizens) desire is anything to go by then THE ARMY SHOULD ESTABLISH PERMANENT BASES IN TALEH
meanwhile the whereabouts of Ali Khalif Galayd of whom we are yet to confirm if he has managed to secure a pair of shoes or still barefooted and his top cahoot Ali Isse Abdi are reportedly to have been in the direction of Puntland.
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