Somaliland: Army Crashes Khatuumo Militias


By: Yusuf M Hasan

TUKARAQ (Somalilandsun) – Militias aligned to the Khatuumoist have fled from Tukaraq area of Sool region.

The secessionist’s militias are said to be in disarray following early morning incursions by a detachment of the Somaliland army, which forced the Khatuumoist militias to flee in disarray for the area they have been holding for a number of months.

According to the minister of Defense Hon Ahmed Haji Ali “Adami” the national army is firmly in control of Tukaraq, following an incursion that met with no resistance from the militias aligned to the Khatuumo secessionist.

Said he, “The army returned to its base after successfully routing the militias from civilian areas where they had been rough-shoeing residents”

Minister Adami revealed that the main objective of the early morning mission was to lodge the Puntland trained militias from residential areas, said he, “having achieved the objective the army handed over control of liberated areas to the police before returning to base”

Since early January this year tensions have been high in some parts of Sool region following the declaration of a State dubbed Khatuumo by Dulbahante clansmen meeting in the ancient town of Taleeh.

The Khatuumo state that was to be hived from Somaliland territory ensued in clashes between the national army and tribal militias aligned to the Khatuumo secessionists. During several skirmishes that were most prominent in Buhodle district many militias and some army officers have lost their lives not to mention the many injured.

During the last skirmish at the end of March high ranking Khatuumo officials including a designate minister and a couple of militia officers with the rank of colonel were captured. The officials who were in charge of fresh militia troops who had just graduated from a military training in Puntland are currently held at the Burao prison in Togdheer region, pending arraignment in court.

The secessionists, who have refused to table their grievances despite several appeals by the Somaliland government for a peaceful reconciliation, are at the end of their military capabilities after the latest defeat by the national army that routed them from their last stronghold of Tukaraq.

Reports from within the militia indicate that morale is very and many members have opted to return to civilian life despite continued funding from Puntland authorities.