Somaliland: Army Captures Khatumoist Politicians and Clan Militia Base


As Activists in the Diaspora finalize plans to seek legal redress against Warlord Galayd in the USA, his adoptive country

L-R The Somaliland Armed Forces commander who is running rabbits on Warlord from USA Ali Khalif Gakayd in Sool region as Citizens in the Diaspora seek legal redress in Washington DC 

By: Yusuf M Hasan
DABATAAG (Somalilandsun) – A Somaliland soldier has lost his life after militias aligned to Khatumo secessionists in SaahDheer district of Sool region ambushed a unit on patrol duties.

The death of the soldier which drove army units from their camps in furious pursuit saw six militia men killed, 37 caught,  numerous inquired and two politicians purportedly members of the Khatumo state parliament captured.
While the Somaliland armed forces command is yet to issue an official statement Somalilandsun sources in the area indicate that the pursuit of the ambushing militia men that ensued in the vicinity of SaahDheer town ended within Dabataag centre 50 kms south of the Sool regional capital Las Anod.
Upon liberation of Dabataag residents from the yoke of the Khatumoists militias that have utilized the centre as its main base of operations following eviction from Taleeh, the army now is reportedly poised for the ultimate price, Ali Khalif Galayd the secessionists leader who together with his top honchos are under a three military and one clan (Dulbahante) militia pronged siege in SaahDheer town.
Meanwhile Somalilandsun sources has confirmed that a number of Somaliland citizens in the Diaspora are in the final preparatory stages of plans to instigate legal proceedings pertaining to charges of Terrorism against Ali Khalif Galayd in the USA, his adoptive country which forbids its citizens against involvement in armed conflicts abroad.
The Activists in the Diaspora are basing their legal argument against US citizen Galayd on the legal code, which states that any citizen who “enlists or enters himself, or hires or retains another to enlist or enter himself, or to go beyond the jurisdiction of the United States with intent to be enlisted or entered in the service of any foreign prince, state, colony, district, or people as a soldier or as a marine or seaman … shall be fined
Without any doubt the very August American legal systems that prides in being the fairest in the world where incidentally the north American giant country acts as the self appointed global policeman shall see to it that its warmongering citizen now the chief warlord and leader of Khatumo secessionist movement fighting Somalilanders thence curve a clan state in the east of the country is dealt as per the law stipulates.
It is also an interest case considering that Galayd has not only broken the US law against joining a terrorist group abroad but has as well not only joined a foreign parliament but been active in the illegal trade in smuggled US weapons which he supplies to naïve youths from his Dulbahante clan for use against peace loving Somalilanders who notwithstanding their 23 years international isolation are faced with the dire struggle of putting three meals on the table for their children
Meanwhile will the US ambassador in Somalia provide info on whether he is aware of his charge’s and fellow citizen activities in the Eastern part of Somaliland which in lieu shall be translated as covert approval and support of the Galayd war making as a prelude to availing the US oil giants a footholds, now missing, in the multi-billion barrel oil sector in the yet to be recognized country.

On the same subject it is worthy mention that CONOCO the third largest integrated energy company in the US of A and the fifth largest refiner in the world owns concession to some oil fields in Sool region granted by Gen Siad Barre long long time ago and of curiosity is the fact that the CONOCO license lies within the Galayd operational areas set for curving a state dubbed Khatumo.

Ali Khalif Galkayd rushes to seek  Cudoos from his SFG  paymasters in Mogadishu

After all is said and done and while the Somaliland Chief of staff General Ismail Nuur Shakale continues to run rabbits over Warlord from the USA Ali Khalif Galayd in Sool region and the Americans continue to keep mum over the terrorist activities of their professorial citizen, the mighty cabaret was enacted by the Somalia Federal Government –SFG in Mogadishu where the purported election of Galayd as Khatumo President was celebrated by the mighty within the AMISOM propped administration of Hasan Sheikh Mahmud.