Somaliland: Armed Militias Open Base in Erigavo +Video


After failing to attract support from prominent Somalilanders Farole of Puntland shifts to poaching prisoners and arming Erigavo militias

Armed tribal Militias in Erigavo town

By: Yusuf M Hasan

ERIGAVO (Somalilandsun) – The machinations against the Republic of Somaliland by the embattled president of the Somalia administrative region of Puntland never cease nor do they succeed though he pumps in money much needed by his constituents.

Jus the other day he, Farole, who after miserably failing to attract the goodwill and support of his clan based policies from Taleeh residents in Sool region of Somaliland unleashed his war dog and deputy Gen Abdisamad Ali Shire.

The result was massive loss of property, displacement of residents on top of a number of deaths and injuries which achieved nothing more than alienating the Taleehians further from his, Farole’s wants and more an embarrassing incident to the Somaliland government though on the brighter side the incident made the residents of Taleeh more committed to the sovereignty of Somaliland.

Following the un-impactful blunder the never ceasing machinations of the bloodthirsty Farole took another dimension when after failing to attract prominent personalities from Somaliland for inclusion in his select parliament, went ballistic and this time decided to poach prisoners.

The allegiance to Puntland and disruption of peaceful co-existence in Somaliland in which Farole has been employing the dual tactics of poaching prominent personalities and arming tribal militias in Eastern regions of Somaliland having failed miserably the without fatigue Farole went a notch further and decided to poach the trash of Somaliland.

The Farole antics saw him recruit the Las Anod prisons commander in Sool region Abdi Nuur Adan who absconded from duty and is believed to have fled to neighboring country, Somalia, specifically to Puntland following the escape of a notorious convict from the facility.

Farole starts warmongeringThe escape of Nuur now fully confirmed to be in the embrace of Farole in Garowe came after the commander released a notorious criminal in his custody because Farole wanted the criminal to be engaged in some yet to be specified acts against his, Farole’s, 22 opponents in presidential Elections/selections slated for mid this month in the Garowe based Puntland parliament.

Despite all the disruptive acts by Farole towards their country the ever resilient somalilanders who continuously shrug away Farole as “Masiibo loo baahan yahay” – Necessary evil are now worried about his new scheme smack in the middle of Erigavo city, the regional capital of Somaliland’s Sprawling Sanaag province is not only amazing but worrisome.

The new Farole antics are now related to the arming of Dulbahante tribal militias in Erigavo where they have established their base, surprisingly enough, right in the middle of Erigavo town where they fully armed battle wagons are frightening residents who are wondering where the government is and what it is doing.

So to call a spade a Spade and despite Farole being “Masiibo loo baahan yahay” will the government in Hargeisa at the least make a statement on this new development that might lead to colossal loss of Harmonious living in a town where four clans will swear not to be involved thence crimes and other peace disruptive activities go unattended.

Erigavo tribal militias undeterred by Somaliland security forces patrol the outskirts of the regional capital

On the other hand and with knowledge that Farole’s antics towards Somaliland usually occur whenever talks with his parent Country of Somalia are about to take place with the Hargeisa based administration, how can a small tribal based militia group castrate an entire regional security force? Or are there some lines we have failed to read and fathom here?

Watch the Armed Militias in Erigavo

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