Somaliland: Armed Forces Commemorate 26th Anniversary in Style

Somaliland Service commanders recieve President Behi at defence hqs in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun: “Though our country remains unrecognized internationally as a sovereign nation our military is among the best in the Horn of Africa region”

This was stated by the Somaliland President Muse Behi Abdi in Hargeisa where he officiated a ceremony commemorating the 26th anniversary of the Armed Forces.

Similar activities were also held in regional capitals of the country where just like in Hargeisa citizens were entertained by the army band as well as multi-dispensary guard of honours.

Soldiers entertain guests at the 26th Somaliland armed forces anniversary celebrations in Hargeisa

The main ceremony held at the Armed forces headquarters in Hargeisa where guests included ordinary citizens, government and political parties’ officials, traditional and religious leaders as well as resident foreign diplomats.

Members of the foreign diplomatic corps seconded to Somaliland at the function were from the United Kingdom, Ethiopia and Djibouti.

Prior to commencing festivities president Behi inaugurated the first gymnasium as well as extension of the Somaliland armed forces at its Hargeisa headquarters.

President Behi unveils new Somaliland facilities at defence hqs in Hargeisa

The commander of the Somaliland armed forces General Nuh Ismail Tani briefed guests on the various stages passed by his commend since inception on the 2nd February 1994.

“Since the day our armed forces were established from a motley of clan militias and SNM combatants 26 years ago they have remained in the forefront of national defense thus creating secure boundaries at all times as well as ensuring that citizens live without fear of attacks from foreign forces” adding that soldiers have also been always involved in support of law enforcement agencies whenever called upon as well as active participation during disasters nationwide.

Gen Nuh Tani flanked by top somaliland armed forces officers

Alluding current successes to the efficacy of soldiers in various ranks Gen Tani said that his command supported by the government of Somaliland envisages the establishment of the strongest military outfit in the Horn region.

In conclusion the Somaliland armed forces commander Gen Nuh Ismail Tani assured citizens that protection of their country from external forces remains apt.

Upon congratulating all ranks of the armed forces, their spouses and families the minister of Defense Abdiqani Mahmud Ateeye said “ As you commemorate your 26th anniversary be assured that the government of Somaliland stands shoulder to shoulder with you at all times” adding that plans are afoot to avail various branches of the armed forces apt and modern equipment.

Flanked by armed forces top brass Somaliland Defence minister Abdiqani Mahmud Ateeye addresses the 26th forces anniversary in Hargeisa

In conclusion the Defense minister urged soldiers to continue upholding their dignity for the Armed forces is a symbol of nationhood

In his address president Behi who congratulated the Somaliland armed forces for their diligence to service said “Though our country remains unrecognized internationally as a sovereign nation our military is among the best in the Horn of Africa region”

Stressing that Somaliland is acknowledged as a bastion of peace in a turbulent region, the head of state said this was courtesy of the soldiers who have over the years upheld their oath of serve even in the face of insurmountable obstacles.

Somaliland armed forces commemorate 26th Anniversary

“Without your diligence to service and dedication our citizens would be unable to enjoy prevalent security” said the president adding that most commendable has been the cooperation that the army maintains with law enforcers  like police, coast guards and custodial corps and more so intelligence agencies

 According to president Behi the Somaliland armed forces dedication to serve shall always be reckoned with selfless duty, non involvement in corrupt practices in expense of the nation

President Behi addresses the 26th Somaliland armed forces anniversary in Hargeisa

Said he, “Our soldiers are amongst the best in world for they have sought service rather than riches, national security as opposed to clan supremacy, thus congratulate them for their choice”

President Behi whose administration recently announced that the government shall avail permanent housing to all soldiers and civil servants in the country concluded by pledging his continued personal support and that of his administration to all ranks and units within the Somaliland armed forces

To bring the ceremony to conclusion the head of state awarded medals of bravery and diligence to duty to 750 military officers among them Commander of 31st Battalion Colonel Osman Farah Awale –Dolaal- and Commander 12th battalion Colonel Ahmed Huurre Hariye.

Somaliland minister of livestock development Said Sulub and his interior minisrty colleague Mohamed Kahin at the 26th armed forces commemorations in Hargeisa