Somaliland: Are unionists of SL origin in Mogadishu to Roost back Home?


As they plot to have Prof Galayd appointed speaker of the Somaliland parliament
Sons of Somaliland on service to the SFG in Mogadishu from top left deputy premiere M O Arte ,Khatumoist Prof Khalif Galayd, Nuur Farah-Gurmad, Mohamed Indosheel-Khatumoist, Saeed Jama Qorsheel-Makiri and Awdalitie Abisamed Nageeye

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – Mogadishu, seat of the Somalia Federal Government-SFG and alleged safe haven for dissatisfied politicians from Somaliland is turning into their waterloo.
Having became the norm for washout politicians in Somaliland to take advantage of the acrimonious political conflict between the two nieghbouring countries that separated in 1999 from a fateful 1960 union that had brought Somaliland and Somalia together news of homesickness among the political flops is news indeed.
According to our analyst Feisal Karshe plans are afoot in Mogadishu to have Prof Ali Khalif Galayd appointed speaker of the Somaliland parliament for the two years of tenure extended by Guurti after the national election commission requested more time before holding the presidential and parliamentary elections earlier on slated for this coming June.
This move to have Prof Galayd perch in Hargeisa as chief legislative honcho who is the purported leader of the purported Khatumo state to have been hived off parts of Somaliland in the East was hatched during a secret meeting. held in Mogadishu by the sons of the land who owe allegiance to the SFG.
With all participants of the meeting being lost sons of Somaliland and Chaired by deputy SFG prime minister Mohamed Omar Arte others included minister of public works Ali Ahmed Jama ‘Jengeli, minister of Ports and Marine transport Nuur Farah Hirsi, Col Saeed Jama Ali Qorsheel, the alleged president of the mythical Awdal state in the west of the country Abdisamed Nageeye and Mohamed Yusuf Jama Indosheel among others.

According to our source the discussions were centered on the difficulties the politicians were encountering in Somalia more so from the SFG whose only motive is to accrue as much anti-Somaliland mileage from the array of gentlemen without any tangible returns.
With feelers already in Hargeisa for a possible pardon that shall facilitate ease of return to their motherland where law dictates that anyone who joins the SFG is traitor to the nation the politicians worried about their future were unanimous in suggesting Prof Ali Khalif Galayd be appointed speaker of the Somaliland parliament for the duration till forthcoming elections mainly as protection for themselves.

L- R Somalia MP Prof Ali Khalif Galayd who wants to replace Abfirahman Irro as speaker of Somaliland parliament
While disillusions with their lot in Mogadishu has been a topic for sometime the issue became overt at a meeting sponsored by the SFG at Sayid hotel in Mogadishu with instructions for the unionists somalilanders to devise strategies of undermining their mother land internationally especially at a time when the country was embroiled in political differences emanating from postponed presidential and parliamentary elections.
The much trodden participants of the sayid hotel meeting did not only fail to come up with strategies to undermine the Hargeisa administration as ordered by their paymasters at Villa Somalia the SFG official presidential seat in Mogadishu they instead submitted back a letter purported to contain grievances.
Having failed in smearing Somaliland internationally through the stalled talks hosted by the government of Turkey and by the political of Somaliland origin in Mogadishu, SFG top honchos are reported to have resorted to threats that were preceded by pay cuts.
If this embarrassing treatment was the load that broke the camel’s back, the Hargeisa political washouts organized their meeting in which they hastily hatched the ploy of enticing the administration in Hargeisa with their return home but with the Caveat that Prof Galayd be appointed speaker of parliament.
Analyst Karshe adds that the congregation to conclude agreement on Back to Hargeisa or Bust plan shall be held on the 22nd May two days after the National summit bringing together party chiefs to reconcile now simmering ballot box induced political acrimonies and brainstorm the way forward for mutual consensus on final date of holding postponed presidential and parliamentary polls.
Whether the Hargeisa authorities have been acquiesced with the proposal suffice is to say having the traitors roost home is worth the price or any price at that, just to have them in Hargeisa and on a leash.
MP Fozia YusufFor reasons yet fathomed Somalia MP and former foreign affairs minister Fozia Yusuf Haji Aden a prominent daughter of Somaliland and a close ally of SFG President Hasan Sheikh was in//conspicuously absent at the two meetings thence her not in attendance at the planned 22nd May gathering
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