Somaliland: Arabsiyo Mass Graves Safe


By: Yusuf M HasanEmbarkments fully protect Arabsiyo mass graves (Above) from erosion

ARABSIYO (Somalilandsun) –During a president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo incognito visit to Gabile where he performed Friday prayers on 12 October 2012 astounded residents upon recovery from their shock of seeing their head of state devoid of usual retinue of presidential guards requested him to visit Arabsiyo.

In turn astounded by this unique requests by his constituents president Silanyo and his meagerly entourage composed of by minister Hirsi Haji Ali, Police commissioner Gen Fadal and head of presidential security Gen Feisal together with a few residents left to unravel the mystery at Arabsiyo.

The Gabile residents team upon arrival in Arabsiyo took the president to the town’s cemetery where the regime of Dictator Siad Barre used as a mass graves for Somalilanders butchered by his army during the 80’s.

President Silanyo performs Friday prayers at a Gabile mosque/FileAt the cemetery which is above a valley the president’s astonishment continue after observing a grim picture of corpses and human bones protruding from their graves.

Though the cemetery has for over two decades managed to contain its cargo load of haphazardly buried occupants in some instances over 20 to a 4X4 grave, the continuous pounding of the rains and subsequent erosion of soil had resulted in the horrid mess of human skeletons exposure.

On the spot consultations ensued with president Silanyo ordering an immediate construction of a wall geared towards the deterrence of soil erosion that was fully funded by the central government in figures yet to be disclosed nor has disclosure been sought by any considering the then existing emergency.

A spot check by Somalilandsun revealed that the embankments undertaken by local residents has withstood and the graves are secure according to residents of Arabsiyo who are wondering why the report of development achievements garnered by the /Silanyo administration in its three years in office failed to mention the graves protection works that they believe is among the best of Silanyo’s tenure so far.Embarkments keep cemetery safe from erroding waters during rainy seasons

We at Somalilandsun concur with the knowledge that all administrators in every country on earth tend to be out of touch with what matters most to the governed.


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