Somaliland: “Appointment of Fartoon, a Step Towards Equitable Power Sharing”


States eng Warabe of UCID following the reshuffle that saw Dulbahante clansman from the east of the country ascend to the powerful post of Interior minister

-R Somaliland interior minister Yassin Mohamed Hiir and UCID party boss Eng Feisal Ali Warabe

By: Omar Mohamed Farah

Somaliland sun- Chairman of oppositional UCID party, Faisal Ali Warabe, felicitated to the Somaliland’s President what he claims “step forward to the sharing of country’s power” which is dominated by the central clan (Isaaq).

Faisal Ali Warabe, showed his pleasant of latest major reshuffle made by the Somaliland’s head of state on late time on Sunday. He supported the new interior minister Yasin Mohamud Hiir (Faraton) from the Sool region which laid the eastern regions of Somaliland.

“I am felicitating to the president his courageous exemplary decision which he appointed to the interior minister a politician from the eastern region particularly Sool region, they never hold a heavy ministries in quarter of century which Somaliland reintroduced it’s independent which lost in 1960 after it merged in a voluntary union to Somalia,” said UCID’s oppositional leader who optimized president’s reshuffle including several high rank positions nominated whom are from the eastern regions who have frequent sentiments for the sharing in the power of the country.
Ali Sandule axed to pave for FartoonThis nomination can reflect for the balance of the governmental bodies of the various clans resident in the country, said Faisal Ali Wara’be and called on the central community of Somaliland to give up the extraordinary positions which they had a long time.

“We can maintain Somaliland unity and wellbeing if the country’s resources and power should be share same proportion,” he added that he gave his total support the reconciliation talks Somaliland government initiated to Ali Khalif Galaydh, a khatumo self declared movements.

On the other hand Ali Mohamud Ahmed (Cali Sandulle), a past minister of labor and social affairs who were among the Ministers were fired in the Sunday’s reshuflement of President Silanyo had cordially welcomes his dismissal.

Ali Sandulle revealed this remarks during his interview given to a local media, he asserted “I am very glad if the president of Somaliland fired me, because the for nominating and firing are both constitutional responsibilities of the head of state. I will continue my support of the ruling party KULMIYE. I will sacrifice my time to focus on how to succeed forthcoming presidential elections slated to the next year.”

He said his post delivered an heavy ministry which nominated his same regional colleague. “My post provided that the president nominated interior minister for Yasin Mohamud Faraton, who hailing my home regional of Sool and it’s a rare opportunity to hold that ministry which was in monopoly for the central tribe of Somaliland (Isaaq).”

The outgoing minister of labor and social affairs made a felicitations remarks to the a new interior Minister of Somaliland Yasin Faraton.

Minister Fartoon has huge security taskAli Sandule claimed that the new minister of interior have to competence and requirements to undertake this heavy ministry. Somaliland’s new minister of interior Yasin Mohamud Faraton, thanked to the President of his nomination and pledged that he should focus on to carry out his duties as well as possible. He said this during a well organized ceremony made by the Mayor of Hargeisa city Mr. Abdirahman Mohamud Soltelco which intended for welcoming his line minister of interior.

Mr. Faraton once held state minister resettlement and rehabilitation ministry in president Rayaalle Administration.