Somaliland: Appoint Sool Resident As CJ Lawyers Ask President


As they recommend Somaliland having two vice presidents thence equitable power sharing;
If recommendations by Lawyer Fozi Sheikh (Inset) are accepted Member of Parliament Mohamed Jama Abdi might be next CJ of Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland Lawyers Association-SOLLA has raised issue with prevalent clan based power sharing at the national level.
In an open letter to president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo the chairman of SOLLA Fozi Sh Younis Hasan stated that the Eastern based Somaliland clans are missing out on national posts.
While commending president Silanyo for the efforts towards reversing equitable power sharing among central, Eastern and Western Somaliland clans SOLLA said it shall be prudent if the vacant slot of Chief Justice-CJ is allotted a citizen originating from Sool region.
This recommendation follows the recent sacking by president Silanyo of former CJ Yusuf Ismail Ali whose exits pends parliamentary approval the office being a constitutional one.
The Letter from SOLLA read
Quote – Your Excellency the president, in lieu of the imperatives of establishing equitable power sharing among all communities in the country as per constitutional dictates,
While acknowledging the improvements your administration has made as pertinent, rumblings of dissatisfaction from Eastern based clans are regular not to mention justifiable,
We the Somaliland Lawyers Association do hereby recommend that you appoint a resident of Sool Region as the next Chief Justice.
And Without mention any individuals as our choice we wish to bring to your attention the fact that there are numerous qualified and responsible lawyers of much experience from Sool capable of delivering as Somaliland Chief Justice.
At the same your Excellency it is a matter of urgency that all aspects of the Somaliland constitution that does not discriminate citizens be translated in the political front as well.
To this effect we further recommend the creation of two vice president Slots as well as a presidential executive committee.
Finally sir, we reiterate our call for the next Somaliland chief justice be a citizen originating from Sool region which shall be a politically prudent move Unquote
Allaa Mahad Leh.”
Fozi Sheikh Younis Hasan
Somaliland Lawyers Association
Editor’s addendum
Since the sacking of Dr Yusuf Ismail Ali three lawyers have been mentioned as probable successors namely Aden Hajji Ali a lecturer at the Institute of Conflict Resolutions , Hargeisa University, Dr Mohamed Mahmud Hashi and Member of Parliament Mohamed Jama Abdi who incidentally is from Sool region and a lawyer of long standing.