Somaliland: Any Political Engagement with Somalia is a Futile Excercise – Says former VP Ahmed Yusuf Yasin


Somalilandsun- A former Vice President of Somaliland Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Yassin has spoken about yesterday’s motion passed by MPs of the lame duck government of Somalia whereby they revoked a tripartite agreement reached by Somaliland, UAE and Ethiopia.
Somalia is known as lame duck government since it has no control over most of its territory furthermore it security is in the hands of foreigners.
The agreement pertains investment by Dubai based multinational DP World at Berbera International Port.
The former states man wondered why the Somalia parliament is in denial of the reality about Somaliland a country they have no jurisdiction over but are still passing bogus, useless motion that cannot be implemented.
He said this in an interview with a local vernacular newspaper called Geeska Afrika.
The former VP suggested that Somaliland should withdraw from the talks all together.
“First and foremost Somaliland and Somalia are two separate countries. We regained back our sovereignty in 1991. Secondly that Somalia parliament does not have public mandate because most of her legislators are tribal appointees. Those crooks masquerading as Somaliland representatives have been rounded up from Mogadishu’s alleys and don’t have mandate from the people of Somaliland. So whatever motion they pass is just a word of mouth that has no meaning or significance worse still doesn’t concern us. Somaliland restored her independence from Somalia in 1991 after an ill fated union in the 1960. This was as a-result of an ideology seeking to unite the five Somali regions that was drummed up to hoodwink Somaliland. We united with Somalia then Somaliland was a fully fledged government that had just gained independence from Britain. It’s still fresh in our minds when then Somalia despot and his government conned Somaliland people of their power he said the president, prime minister, members of parliament, military chiefs, police boss and all senior government posts have to be filled by southerners while Somaliland people were oppressed maimed and killed like chicken.

Former Somaliland VP Ahmed Yusuf Yasin wants boycot of talks with Somalia

The former state man stated that the Somalia government does not have control of Somaliland and has no business to talk about her affairs.
It is a pity to here president of Somalia claiming he governs Somaliland whereas he has no control of the whole of Mogadishu.
“Somaliland has an elected president, parliament and independent judiciary so there is no cause for alarm.”

When UDUB party was in power it was its policy not to negotiate with Somalia.
However the past seven years since the Kulmiye party opened talks with Somalia our reputation has deteriorated and has suffered as a consequence of negotiating with Somalia.
Somaliland does not need to talk with any country since it has reclaimed her independence it only needs International recognition.