Somaliland: Anti-Corruption Commission Promises Incoming Administration Apt Public Assets Data


Somaliland Anti Corruption and Good Governance Commission AGCGGC deputy chairman Mukhtar Yasin Haji Ali Shire

Somalilandsun- Contrary to past norms the incoming Somaliland administration post November presidential elections shall be availed a complete and factual data as pertains public property nationwide.
This was informed by the Somaliland Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Commission-_AGC&GGC deputy chairman Mukhtar Yasin Haji Ali Shire during a joint interview with somalilandsun and journalist Ahmed M. Suleiman of Dawan newspaper.
“Since May 2017 we have been collating data as pertains all government owned property in Somaliland” revealed the deputy Anti-Corruption Czar adding that data collection in Sanaag, Sool, Toghdeer and Awdal regions is complete thence now Maroodi-jeeh and Awdal ongoing

Queried on the recent president Silanyo decree as pertains the illegality of political parties or supporters using public property in campaigning for the presidential elections slated for November 13th 2017 Commissioner Mukhtar said that the AC&GGC can not impose any restrictions being endowed with only overigth powers will facilitate relevant information to authorised bodies.
As per the oft alleged corruption in public service commissioner Mukhtar Yasin Haji Ali Shire said that since assuming office in March of this year pursuit has been to established a digitized data of all publicly owned assets both physical and liquid prior to ascertaining misuse stressing that “Until we establish a factual data base there is no premise to either negate or ascertain ficials” maladministration by any sitting official”
As per allegations by former chairman of the commission pertaining to corruption as reasons behind his resignation earlier in the year, a perturbed Mukhtar wondered while questioning why it took the resigned AC&GGC commissioner seven years since appointment to exit in divulging the corrupt practices in the administration.
Stating that politics was best left to the politicians the deputy Somaliland anti-corruption and good governance czar urged all somallanders registered as voters to exercise their constitutional right without fail
“I hereby urge all citizens registered as voters in Somaliland to exercise their constitutional right and vote for their candidate of choice be if from Kulmiye, UCID or Wadani parties said the deputy chairman of the Somaliland Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Commission-AGC&GGC Mukhtar Yasin Haji Ali Shire while concluding that regardless of incoming administration his body shall be on hand to facilitate apt transfer.