Somaliland: Anshxa Nominates Somalilandsun for the West London Somaliland Community Award 2013


Somalilandsun – Following its recent Ethics award to Anshxa has once again heralded somalilandsun’s efforts of reflecting the Image of the nation of Somaliland as an essence by nominating the online media institution for the prestigious annual Somaliland Community Award 2013.

The community award is an annual recognition of achievements by Somalilanders accorded by the Britain based West London Somaliland Community-WSLC

The editorial board, staff and readers of Somalilandsun herein thank Anshxa profusely for their recognition of the website and its efforts towards putting the Republic of Somaliland squarely in the international limelight.

Below is the Nomination letter by Anshxa to the WSLC

Anshxa is requesting to include the Somalilandsun the West London Somaliland Community Award 2013. For many reasons,but by short Somalilandsun is unique to be the only front line English language Media that give a heavyweight Somaliland image when it comes to the international political table discussions. Anshax is proud to nominee the Somalilandsun for their effort and handwork that makes us to deal with the Somaliland hatters. In fact, Political elites,leaving here in the capital of the world politics, read and get the somaliland information from Somalilandsun website instead of Putlandpost or Shabeelnews. Anshax is encouraging the WLSC to credit the Somlilandsun ‘s extraordinary outstanding.

Somalilandsun readers:

“Well done, keep working hard and we wish you all the best with what you do for the community”

“Though I am a newcomer to this website, I have like what I have seen so far.Unlike other Somali websites, your issues are not clan based but national”

“The site deserves the award because of your journalism,skills, and ethics that you believe in”

Anshax is Somaliland Media Watchdog organization located here in Washington DC. We support and give advice the ministry of information and Somaliland Media.


Somaliland Media Watchdog Group

Washington DC

SLSUN Ethics award

For those readers wishing to add to their recommendations to Anshxa’s for Somalilandsun to be awarded the West London Somaliland Community Award 2013 kindly forward your nominations to  or call the WLSC office on 0208 848 1180. or visit the WLSC official website

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