Somaliland: ANSHAX Media Watchdog Applaud Order on Wayward Journalism


By M.A Egge

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun)-The Somaliland Media Watchdog Group based in Washington DC known as Anshah have praised the stern warning and cautionary notification to wayward press by Interior Minister Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran’ade.

The Minister decried the trend journalism in Somaliland was taking in the country whereby they nowadays perpetrated discord by deviating from ethics hence sanctified tribalism instead of vilifying it.

He warned of stern action to be taken against the errant including revocation of the operating licenses if need be.

The Somali worded Anshah press statement praised the direction the minister took terming the move as “one of bravery”.

They underpinned the fact that what he talked of was an onerous “task expected of SOLJA and web-sites” to address.

Anshah particularly named web-site as an example of those whose journalism was tinged with voluminous tribal oriented innuendoes.

They asked the website to desist forthwith from such tendencies hence threatened to blacklist it.

They watchdog group prides itself as having done a lion’s share job of liaising understanding between the country’s journalists and the state.

The personalized press statement was however not signed and for the groups emblem.

Hon Waran’ade was talking in his office to a press conference he called for on Tuesday day mainly to caution against the grave situation of worsening local media standards.

He warned members of the press that local media houses which condone or thrive in tribally inclined reports stood to lose their operating licenses.

The tendency to imbibe tribally or clannish innuendoes to justify vice or associated means at the expense of justice expediency and etiquettes has more than quadrupled in recent months.