Somaliland and UK Legislators Discuss Waheen Market Recovery

Somaliland MPs hosted by MP Gavin Williamson brief British counterparts at the UK Parliament in Westminster London

Somalilandsun: Legislators in the United Kingdom are pursuing mechanisms for active participation in the recovery of fire devastated Waheen Market.

This was revealed by MP Gavin Williamson during a meeting with Somaliland Legislators in London.

The visiting Legislators Include MP Mohamed Jama Koodbuur chair of the Somaliland House of Representatives foreign affairs committee ,MP Qassim Suleiman and MP Fatuma Saeed among others.

Informing it was a privilege to host a meeting in Parliament in Westminster for Somalilanders to update MPs following the recent devastating fire in Hargeisa” MP Williamson added that Some incredibly powerful speeches about the loss felt by Somalilanders and the role the UK and others can play to help them recover.

The Waheen market fire devastated goods worth a estimated $2b and lose of livelihoods for thousands both small market entrepreneurs and their employees.

Fundraiser has been set up via gofundme by British Somalilanders towards supporting the international recovery efforts of the market that used to generate 40% of Hargeisa’s GDP.

Sir Gavin Alexander Williamson who represents South Staffordshire Constituency at the Westminster Parliament is a known friend of Somaliland.

Somaliland and UK Legislators Discuss Waheen Market Recovery
British MP Gavin Williamson and president Muse Bihi discuss Somaliland recognition in Hargeisa-file photo

Willamson who has been actively campaigning his fellow lawmakers to recognize Somaliland as an independent state, initiated an adjournment debate in the UK Parliamentary earlier in the year.

The motion that called on the UK Government’s Recognition of Somaliland was debated on Tuesday 18 January 2022.
Most participants in a debate in the House of Commons on 18 January argued UK recognition of Somaliland would be appropriate given the autonomous territory’s stability and governance record and federal Somalia’s disarray.

To Somaliland the support of MP Gavin Williamson is very valued owing to his massive clout in various Conservative Party administrations.

The British politician who is a currently a backbencher previously served in Theresa May‘s Cabinet as Secretary of State for Defence from 2017 to 2019, and as Secretary of State for Education under Boris Johnson from 2019 to 2021.

Somaliland and UK Legislators Discuss Waheen Market Recovery
Somaliland MPs in London

A month after debate of the Somaliland recognition motion the British lawmaker visited Hargeisa where he held discussions with government officials, non State actors and private sector among others

Prior to the 2022 sojourn MP Gavin Williamson last Visited Somaliland in January 2019 while he was the UK Secretary of State for Defence.

During this visit he announced the removal of Hargeisa and Berbera airports from the travel advisory Imposed on Somalia.

Following the 2019 visit by the the UK secretary of state for defense to Somaliland, Somalia authorites forgetting that he and his delegation first visited Mogadishu, didn’t waste time in submitting an official Complain to London

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For the team of Somaliland MPs visiting the British Isles where they have been engaged in various official activities the Waheen market reconstruction has taken centre stage.