Somaliland and Somalia Have the Cheapest Internet Data Rates in Africa, and the 7th in the World

73% of the Somali population uses Mobile Money regularly

Somalilandsun: Somalia, the East African country, is now the cheapest country on the African continent when it comes to internet data charges.

The lowest cost of 1GB of data for 30 days in Somalia is $0.18 with an average cost of about $0.49 per 1GB of data.

According to Abdiaziz Issak, Director-General, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications & Technology, Somalia, the low mobile data costs can largely be attributed to improved regulation in the communications sector, reduced taxes, and a unified licensing framework proteccting market competitiveness.

So far, there are now 11 players in the telecommunication industry in Somalia which has also contributed to competitive data rates offerings. Continue reading