Somaliland and Qatar Committ to Improved Intergovernmental Relations

Somaliland and Qatar Committ to Improved Intergovernmental Relations
L-R Somaliland and Qatar envoys to Ethiopia Amb Mohamed Ahmed Awad and Amb Hamad Mohamed Al-dosari after meeting in Addis Ababa

Somalilandsun; The ambassadors of the Republic of Somaliland and  Qatar to Ethiopia, met in the country’s capital Addis Ababa on Monday, to discuss the interests of the two governments.

The meeting, held at the Qatari Embassy, ​​was a private part of a series of diplomatic meetings between ambassadors.

Mohamed Ahmed Awad, the Ambassador of Somaliland  to Ethiopia, posted a statement on his Facebook page after the meeting, detailing the discussions with his Qatari counterpart. and African Union Amb. Hamad Mohamed Al-Dosari, discussing the interests of the two respective countries more so  how to improve relations between the two governments.

“Somaliland is always ready to take its cause to every country in the world, and this is our first priority as a government,”  said. Amb Awad.

Qatar’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and the African Union Hamad Mohamed Al-dosari also posted a message on his embassy’s Twitter account acknowledging the Government of the Republic of Somaliland, as he outlined the issues raised by his Somaliland counterpart.

Somaliland and Qatar to enhance relations

The move by Qatar’s ambassador to Ethiopia indicates a political shift in the Qatari government’s stance and a readiness to forge closer ties between Somaliland and Qatar.