Somaliland and Ethiopia’s Somali Adminstrative Region Explore Trade and Investment

Somaliland and Somali admin region of Ethiopia officials pose after meeting in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun: Avenues towards expanding  trade and investment between Somaliland and Ethiopia are being pursued.

This development follows a high level meeting between Somaliland government officials flanked by local entrepreneurs and officials from the Somali Adminstrative region of Ethiopia in Hargeisa.

According to Somalidispatch  the purpose of the meeting, was to discuss trade and investment between the Ethiopian regional state and the government of Somaliland.

The Ethiopian delegation which was led by the Somali Adminstrative region’s Minister of investment Abdisalam Yusuf, included the Deputy Minister of Finance, the Deputy Minister of Information, the Chairman of the Local Government Chamber of Commerce, and the Mayor of Wajale on the Ethiopian side.

Somaliland and Ethiopia’s Somali Adminstrative Region Explore Trade and Investment

The host Somaliland team included  Chairman  Chamber of Commerce,  Minister of Investment,  Deputy Mayor of the capital and some of country’s leading businessmen.

Briefing on the meeting the chairman of the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce, Jamal Aided, said the officials had discussed the interests of the two countries, adding that local government officials had come to Ethiopia to invite Somaliland businessmen and they had accepted, investment should be exchanged between the two parties.

Abdisalam Yusuf, Minister of Investment of the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia, for his part, said the aim of their trip was attracting large-scale Somaliland businesses to their regional government, adding they would hold another conference in Jigjiga later this month to present Somaliland businesses with investment opportunities in their local government.