Somaliland: An open letter to the Minister of Education,


Doing away with corruption in our school exams:

Past exam room on Somaliland

Somalilandsun- Dear Hon. Minister, I am strongly in favor and supportive of your efforts to improve the examination procedure and mechanism of the Somaliland schools. The deteriorating exam procedures have rendered our school graduation quality and level of attainment far below all schools in the world let alone that of the region. As an old teacher and a parent whose kids attend schools in Somaliland I am deeply troubled by the senseless plummeting quality and ministry ineptitude in the face of the deterioration.

1. I am troubled by the printing of the final exam papers. Once a teacher looks at the exams set for the different grades, the teacher would notice the repetitive nature of the exams. The same pattern is repeated every year and it becomes quite easy to guess what the questions of the following year would be, considering the juxtaposition of the syllabus and the exams of the previous year. That is one issue that needs to be tackled. No more exams should be printed and availed in the market and new exams should never be allowed to be similar in pattern to those of the years before..

Daud Ahmed Farah The long serving Somaliland schools director of examinations   2. Daud A Farax is a man who has been there for too long but his behavior is rather unscrupulous. His close interaction with Nuradin schools and the favoritism he shows in that respect is noticeable. The ministry needs to take notice of the relationship particularly the fact that Nuradin has offered him the business of school cafeteria at Sh. Madar area school. This is a widely known fact and this close relationship has been the reason Nuradin schools have been receiving exceptionally high results in all shool exams, something they fail to achieve in real school competitions..
3. Teachers who make the exams of every scholastic year are drawn by none other than Daud himself. These teachers fall into a particular pattern that is tantamount to cronyism. Teachers who make exams should not be the same every year and should not be known in advance. If this is corrected then Daud’s cronyism tactics would fail
Somaliland education minister Abdillahi Mohamed Habane 4. The above noted points can remedy the high school and intermediate level school exams. Improving the University exams, which all seem to graduate with As and no failures is another matter that needs to be addressed.

Ali Ege

June 8, 2017