Somaliland: An open letter to Bashiir Nuur-Bidaar


Bashir Nuur-BidarThe son of General Barre’s former chief of immigration office wants to become a leader thus follow his butchering footsteps of his father

By: Raage Waaberi

It took most of Somalis by surprise, wherever they were at the time, when you briskly, without seeing behind your nose, boldly threw down the gauntlets, thus, unilaterally declaring yourself as Somalia’s presidential candidate forgetting the past inglorious dark history, partly perpetrated by your father, which humiliatingly reduced Somalia into ungovernable chaotic entities under the control of quasi mafia-style warlords.

I would like to vividly remind you that the root cause of the current Somalia’s endless inter-clan feuds goes back to the days, when your late illiterate father was one of the perpetrators of genocidal campaigns, exclusively directed against one major section of Somali population. Believe it or not, your father’s name is in the top list of murderous criminals, who precisely planned and concisely executed that highly orchestrated genecidal military operations inflicted first against members of Issaq clan, and later against the Hawiyes, who the combination of the two, make up over seventy percent of the whole Somali population, a according to the 1974-1975 statics’ census, meticulously carried out by the Somalis students under the supervision of UNDP, at the time when the illiteracy campaign was in full swing. The original copies of the static’s data that makes the combination of Issaq and Hawiye over seventy percent is still available in the UNDP regional office in Nairobi, despite the fact that then then fascist regime of General Barre locked up in the archives, thus, banning such valuable documents from the public use, apparently for known reasons.

The main reason as why your late father’s name was placed in the top of criminal lists of General Barre’s brutal regime was, that he was the brain behind the internal secret operations in major cities including, Mogadishu and Hargeisa, according to the secret documents that we collected from the former National Security Service’s ( NSS) HQ, shortly after the collapse of Barre’s fascistic regime, while those unbridled meandering militias were heavily engaged in pillaging what little was left in the treasury coffers. We were blessed by almighty of Allah for obtaining such a huge secret documents from which we extracted a pool of information that today are being kept in secure and secrete places mainly in Djibouti, Dire Dawa and Burao. These huge secret documents are being sifted in the order sheet forms in accordance to their subject headings.

These secret documents fully collaborate that your father was in fact the real commander of NSS, and not General Jibril of Majteereen, who was a nominal figure, despite the fact that he was appointed as the head of that notorious organization. For instance, Mahomud Abdullahi Agoole, the governor of Sub-province of Jijiga was a cover-up agent for the NSS, who provided secret information on the movement of the Somali National Movement (SNM) by solely communicating with your father, instead of establishing contacts with General Jibril, according to these documents all the 120 secret letters that Governor Mahamud Agoole (Cagoole) sent were addressed to your father. As the security situations deteriorated in the then northern Somalia (the current Republic of Somaliland) by the day, Governor Mahamud Agoole expressed his personal frustration over lack of tangible results of all the efforts to re-locate the Issaq refugees to Daakhata valley, in one his letters that has been literally translated into English as follows:

“With great respect and gratitude, I would like to draw your attention that we are facing a mountain of problems, in spite of spending millions of Somali shillings on how to win the hearts and minds of those most influential generals in the region’s military establishments. I am personally frustrated beyond repairs to the extent that I could not even get out from my office for a routine secret supervisions of our internal operative cells, especially the patriotic ladies, who proved much reliable than their counter male colleagues during our clandestine operations. The comprehensive plan that your esteemed office has laid down secretly in cooperation with presidency to move all the Issaq refugees to remote areas in the Daakhata valley near the town Babile, where they could have been kept in what could have been strictly controlled concentration camps similar to that of that Nazis’ holding camps in Poland during the WWII, has totally failed to our dismay and surprise. That is why Issaq refugees feel at home as if they live in their own country. They moved from Hargeisa and have been resettled in their own regions where all other Issaqs of Ethiopian citizens came to them in droves to assist them with everything. It is not also a coincidence, that all able-bodied Issaq men are being recruited by SNM to take part in the guerrillas operations inside all northern regions of the country. The man who is publicly supporting the SNM’s cause is Abdulhafiz, who, besides being the minister of information and an influential member of the central committee is also Col.Mangistus’s right-hand man. He turned out to be a Harar- born Toljele of Issaq with especial visceral feelings towards his clan’s men. He became a mountain that we cannot move it easily. Please, understand the situation that we are in today.

Respectfully yours,

Mohamud Abdullahi (Cagoole)”

In the course of reading these secret documents, we saw indubitable facts that your father was one of the top planners of the internal security operations, during which thousands of innocent civilians were systemically killed, whose dead bodies had never found till today.

According to these secret documents which would be exposed to the public at the appropriate date in the near future, when there is a democratically elected government in place in Somalia, it was your father, who divided Somalia citizens into the three major categories:

1)The Supper Daroods, who were fully entitled to get all essential state supervised facilities and services, such as highly paid jobs, recruitment for sensitive state-run institutions and all other individually required such as passports, bank loans and plot of lands at key city quarters;

2) The Hawiyes, who were kept under the status of the second-class citizenship with strict control that they should never be employed for sensitive security and leading economic institutions;

3) And the Issaq, who were isolated from the rest of Somalis society as the third class citizens who do not deserve to qualify to all kinds of governmental institutions, leave alone applying for commercial licenses, passports and job opportunities. The security operation in which innocent 46 Issaqs, whose bodies were dumped into sand-dunes at Mogadishu’s Jezeera beach area, after each one of them was shot in the head at a point-blank, was part of the plan that your father partly initiated with aim of isolating Issaq as the third class citizens, who ultimately would be eradicated from Somalia as a whole.

I was one of those young Somalis, who suddenly fell into the death trap of your father. I was rather a rough-cut boy ,who stood firmly in front of him demanding for my God given rights for a passport, before it would be too late to register for the prestigious Cairo’s El-Shamase Eyn University that had already accepted me for a post-graduate (degree) study in Arabic literature. I further asked him if he could explain to me the law that exempted certain citizens of Somalis from applying for passports. That was the time when one of his personal bodyguards jumped into his feet and slapped me so hard in the face. As if that was not enough, the bodyguard bundled me on the back of a pick-up Land-rover and drove me off to the Godka( the notorious underground NSS’s torturing cell), where I was ‘Migged’ and repeatedly got kicked in the stomach really so hard, until all what I had eaten came out from my mouth. Had it not been the timely intervention of one of the Djiboutian junior diplomats, who explained to your father, that I was in fact an Issa from Ethiopia by clan, I would have been today under three feet deep. The officer, who tortured me had apologized to me for what he had done, saying it was simply a mistaken identity meaning I was taken mistakenly as an Issaq. Most of the security operations against the Issaqs were shrouded in mystery.

The man who enjoyed such a high profile as a second to none in terms of breathing into General Barre’s ears, died in humiliating fashion, much worse than women’s menstruation. During General Barre’s dying days, your father was entrusted with task of heading a special military unit supported with tanks to secure the safety of the first lady, whose splendid castle was located in the perimeters of NSS, where she supervised her internal cabinet as Somalia’s kingmaker.

For Khadija, who also happened to be your aunt, the popular uprising in Mogadishu was simply, the October celebration’s pranks. It said, the ram’s eyes last see the sky, only after it has been slaughtered. She was in defying mood, despite the fact that the crushing defeat of the army, whose top commandants she personally decorated for safeguarding the “revolution” was so imminent. She also dismissed as little brats the angry mobs that were closing in on her luxurious villa. Lady Khadija had never accepted defeat until the six tanks that were positioned in front of her palace inside the NSS’s headquarters, had been severely damaged by rapidly moving human waves, leaving your father the only option of carrying her into an armored car against her will. As she was speeded away towards the Villa Somalia to join her husband, who himself was holed up there, the heavily armed unit had been ambushed and attacked from all sides with bazookas and other automatic guns, during which she narrowly escaped for her life. About twenty five of the military officers, who were defending her, were killed on the spot. Those officers who were killed in the ambush included your father, whose body remained unburied in front of the Ministry of Sports in the down town of Mogadishu. God has favoured me, for I became the first person who took the picture of your father as he lay in a pool of blood. What a journalistic scoop! It was one of my happiest days. It was a day that my eyes sparkled and my face glowed with hope and inspiration. It was a day when a sparkling star appeared in the sky for me. It was a day that also I remembered my cousin (inaabti), who was one of those massacred at El Jeezera beach by your uncles. For me, your father’s picture has become a treasury that money can’t buy. Three days later, I came to the same spot with intention of taking more pictures; but the stench of the decayed body of your father that assailed me into my nostrils had prevented me from to taking another picture. His oval shaped glabrous scalp was still recognisable for the angry mob the other day lynched his lifeless body.

Life is like that. The man who was known for his swaggering behaviour, as if he was holding the whole world on his hand had to die like a strayed chicken. The man, who had been much lionized as a fire-breathing ogre by his Marehan leaders, had to die even without Islamic burial ceremony. It is no brain, because Nuur Bidar was your murderous father, you have been judged by Somali lawmakers not to get their votes as a presidential candidate.

The other major factor that had a boomerang effect on your presidential candidacy which led to your humiliating failure to secure parliamentary endorsement in the first round was, your close ties with those cursed elements, who although they have no constituency districts in Somalia, spared no efforts in campaigning for the destructions of the Dir clans in eastern Ethiopia, Somaliland and the Republic of Djibouti, which quite recently the highly esteemed leaders of these three countries yielded to our pressure to be in line with our policy that stands for the welfares of our people, when it comes to furthering our common causes .

Most of those Somalis who read your advertisement that you launched on Wardheer Website, could not help being flabbergasted as why you were seeking in the first place, the support of the same people whose relatives had been massacred by your father and his ilk’s, during your ‘ uncle’s fascistic rule. The news of your candidacy stunned all Somali intellectuals’ circles in all Somali speaking nations in East Africa. Let me give an eye bird view of who are these little brats whom you rallied behind yourself.

Those snotty little brats, who ran here and there enjoying to the full during General Barre’s dictatorial regime at the expenses of Somali taxi-payees in country they settled as refugees from eastern Ethiopia, are nowadays fomenting violence, camouflaging themselves as genuine Somalis using hostile Websites like Wardheer news .com .Hiding in a smoke screen by projecting themselves as Somalia’s concerned groups, they have divided Somalia and Somaliland into Daroods and Non-Daroods, a scheme which they tried to implement also in eastern Ethiopia which we foiled in time in a multi- faceted mobilization-campaigns that strengthened our hands in a short a time of period. These are men under Satan afflation incorrigible villains, who are still helplessly chasing the lost General Barre’s past glorious through an endless mirage. They are, in short, a band of opportunistic simpletons. Through our long years of extended researches by closely monitoring their mischievous campaigns, we fully came to understand the jinx that mentally disturbing them. We now know what is biting these incorrigible villains partners in crime. By appointing such pissed off men as your point-men during your inglorious presidential election campaign, indeed, you shot yourself in the foot.

For instance, one of your confidential point man, who heaped on you all kinds of lavish advertisement as the only person that would make Somalia a paradise on earth is, someone by the name of Faisal Abdi Roble.

If there was somebody who destroyed your prospect to run for presidency, it was Faisal Roble. He is somebody who is locked in sycophancy, singing who pays for his praise like a piper-he who pays for the piper calls the tune. He is simply blubbering who blares without stopping for scientific approach on the subject that he takes on. Everything he said had rebounded against himself:

He tried to defend the indefensible former General Barre’s deputy, General Ali Samater, a murderer, who was found guilty by USA Supreme Court for his crime against humanity and ordered him to pay 21 Million Dollars to the torture-victims. He tried to defend the UN’s report on the Somalia’s leaders who siphoned over 130 million dollars of aid money, which prompted a deluge of criticism among the Somali intellectuals. He has no iota of prickling conscience. There is no scintilla of truth in what he said in his interviews with VOA’s Somali Service where a number of broadcasters who, seemingly, have a hidden agenda in patronizing him with long titles such, as ‘a writer and an expert in Somali affairs’, when in fact, there are thousands of Somali top professors in the USA. As homily African-American homily proverbial goes,”aint holding no air””

He is also notoriously known for his sycophancy, kowtowing to those who paid for his praise singing to their tunes like a piper. Recently, for the payment of his hotel bill, he lavishly praised President Ismail Omer Ghele of Djibouti as an exemplary figure for the rest of east African head of states for winching out the people of that tiny port state from their abject poverty within a short time of period. I vividly remember how he sung for the praise of the late Somali ambassador to Ethiopia, Abdulkadir Laqanyo in his usually concocted pieces on after a lavish dinner at the Ghion Hotel in Addis Ababa in 2006. Abdulakadir Laqanyo was a quite amateurish baby-kisser-politician, who did not master the ropes of diplomatic ethics. He lost his ambassadorial post after he gratuitously insulted the Somaliland’s leadership. It was the former Ethiopian foreign minister who breathed fire on him at his office in the presence of foreign dignitaries that such unprovoked verbal abuse against , as he put it ‘ our friendly country of Somaliland would never be tolerated by our government.’ Three days later, Laqanyo was sucked by late Col.Abdullahi Yusuf. Laqanyo later died in a mysterious bomb blast in the Somalia’s central city of Baladweyne. Your father’s past criminal record has been much exacerbated by your blubbering campaign managers that left you with the only option of packing up your suitcase in hurry, even before the law makers began voting on selecting Somalia’s new president, who fortunately became one of the sons of giant Hawiyes.

As whom we are?

We are a group of intellectuals, who have close clan affiliation with the Djiboutians, Somalilanders and the eastern region of Ethiopia, better known as the Zone Five. Under the joint honorary chairmanship of ‘all Issa- clans’ elders in Dire Dawa, we establish a high level committee that comprises some of the highly esteemed intellectuals, who stood for the welfare of their own people to timely react to all kinds of malicious plots hatched by our common enemy that is bent for our destruction.

Our declassified principal goals include:-

• To take decisive actions to timely counteract the enemies of our people;

• To mobilize and galvanize our peoples through local elders’ frequent meetings and local media, while also trying to reach out the Hawiyes, with whom we also share sanguineous affinity;

• To bring together our people through a unity of purpose while abiding by the their respective countries’ constitutions;

• To closely work with governments of the Republic of Ethiopia, the Republic of Djibouti and the Republic of Somaliland, with aim of paving the way for the ultimate formation of” a triangular military alliance”;

• Fully exploring our common interests the strategically important location of our countries that has already brought us into the wider International Coalition against all kinds of terrorisms and piracy;

• And to help our respective countries pursue a common policy that would lead for the immediate diplomatic recognition of Somaliland, whose people are bounded with us through blood relationship.

There are also other secret agendas that I am not privy to elaborate them. Within a short time of period, we have succeeded beyond our expectations to convince all the ‘ triangular governments’ to keep close eyes on the “Aladdin’s cave”, in which those former General Barre’s little brats whistle in the dark. We fully convinced our respective governments beyond any doubt, the continuous plots being hatched by our common enemies, who, although they have not constituency regions in Somalia, are still bent for the destruction of Somaliland. We have all kinds of resources and pool of intellectuals with power and capability to unit our people against our common enemies through education and political orientations. We are in capacity to fight back by all means while at the same time engaged in establishing a solid peace in our regions. I am not ingratiating to inform you that our enemies have already fallen into the pit which they previously dug for us. The time in which we watched idly by when our brothers and sisters were butchered, belongs to the past era. Such inborn hate and jealousy against our Somaliland people, who happily shepherd their own affairs, would never be tolerated in the future by the newly reformed and reinvigorated the Grand Dir Coalition, which was first established in 1988s, under the shadow of the continuous orgy of killings. We are unanimous in our resolution.

Finally, I would like to remind you once again, that you genuflected at the wrong time and in the wrong place, instead of first apologizing to the people whose relatives have been systematically massacred during the dark era of your uncle’s fascist regime in which your corn-cracker father was one of the kingmakers. The sheer reality is that Somalia will never be again the same. Old habit dies hard. A fox famishes where she used to feast upon fine fare dacwa meeshi ay macal uga barata ayey ku macaluusha. That is why you now muffling beneath a blanket of humiliation after your unceremonious exit from Somalia’s national assembly.

Raage Waaberi, Djibouti,