Somaliland: An Inspiring, Impressive and Influential Foreign Policy


By Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh

Somalilandsun – How often have we heard of so many baseless and unsubstantiated accusations towardSomalias Interior minister A Gulleid and Somalialnds foreign minister Dr M A Omar sign the Ankara Accordss the Somaliland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, regarding the state of affairs of the Minister’s policy and desirability of the track of the foreign policy that he carried out? If the Minister’s attempt to reshape and revitalize Somaliland’s Foreign Policies were at all wrong and controversial, how come that Somaliland has achieved so many successes in the field of foreign policy and international relations?

It is evidenced perfectly by the stunning results and the rewarding outcomes of the foreign policy adopted by President Ahmed Silaanyo’s government. The impregnable results and the ever rising successes of the current Somaliland’s Foreign Policy proved the critics wrong and silenced them. The facts really do speak for themselves

Before President Ahmed Silaanyo’s government came into power, Somaliland was a remote, anonymous and completely out of sight country that no one missed or noticed of its presence at regional and international policy levels. Years and years of self-imposed exclusion rendered to our country neither player nor spectator in relation to an active involvement and participation in the regional and international political, economic and diplomatic platforms. Within a short period, the government of President Silaanyo has spearheaded a different but smart foreign policy approach which undoubtedly will contribute to the long-awaited recognition of our country.

The Foreign Policy approach of the Somaliland Republic is so inspiring, impressive and influential; it is a policy with courage and confidence that breaks the barriers of self-imposed exclusion and limitation of the last two decades. The government of President Ahmed Silaanyo represents and reflects the values and history of our great nation; at the same time this is doing its utmost to voice and realize the ideals and ambitions lived and believed by the people of Somaliland.

To keep pace with the transnational security, economic and diplomatic challenges in the Horn of African region and beyond, and a broad-minded, flexible and well thought through foreign policy is of vital importance.

This is the only way to serve and safeguard the ever more shifting geo-political interests of our country and people. With the mind into the historical facts of our country and the mistakes and misjudgements made in the past by Somaliland’s political elites, the current Somaliland’s foreign policy focuses on the future and the way forward.

Beacon of peace, stability and democracy in the Horn of Africa

Somaliland’s foreign policy has an all-inclusive and concise understanding of the contemporary regional and international politics. It underlines the importance and the added-value of the recognition of the Republic of Somaliland for the benefit of the international community and more specifically for the neighbouring countries in the region regarding safety and security related issues in one hand. On the other hand, this policy highlights Somaliland’s democratic achievements and experiences that will serve as an example and provide useful lessons for all other African countries to learn and would certainly serve as a model in enhancing stability, democracy and development in the Horn of Africa.

What President Silanyo makes a truly great leader is his moral fibre, intellectual vision and bravery. He has courage in his heart and compassion in his soul; he is a statesman who is able to convince everyone in his intellect and vision. His exceptional leadership quality enables him to work with a range of people from different political and social background. With a well- balanced and profound judgment his government has made a crucial policy decisions based on strategic approach that addresses needs, challenges, obstacles as well as opportunities facing Somaliland’s people in the Horn of African Region and beyond.

The latest engagement of the Somaliland government on regional and international political arena is an encouraging and hopeful sign for the realization of the long cherished and the dream of every Somaliland citizen: Recognition of Somaliland Republic as an independent state in the midst of global community. The way in which the Minister of foreign affairs manifested and his courageous approach is a real testament in the spirit of President Ahmed Silaanyo’s electoral promises to elevate Somaliland’s recognition case in an unprecedented level with a global dimension and international understanding.

No doubt about that the current Somaliland’s foreign policy is absolutely determined and committed for serving and safeguarding the geo-political interests and reputation of our country as the Beacon of peace, stability and democracy in the Horn of African Region.

God Bless the Republic of Somaliland and its Nobel people

By Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr |UK|