Somaliland: An Exception for Mahon “The Man in no Man’s Land”


Photographer Narayan Mahon in his studios

Somalilandsun – Heading into Somaliland, Narayan Mahon made sure he had an exit plan. He was entering a country unrecognized by the larger international community — a stretch of the Earth with no official ties to any other country, isolated yet determined, self-contained and alone.
“Somaliland is a friendly place. It’s very different than Somalia, In other words, a land in limbo” Mahon said. “It’s not run by warlords and terrorist groups — it’s very under control. They have a central government. They’re organized, relatively speaking, in comparison to the country they broke away from.
“I think Somaliland is very special in that way, in that they are far more organized and stable and prosperous than the country they broke away from. Whereas in Abkhazia, or any of these other countries, the country they broke away from is much more advanced. Continue reading