Somaliland: Amin Cartoon Depicts Cronies Solace the Impeached President of Somalia


In this cartoon Amin depicts Hassan the president of Somalia being comforted by one of his cronies

By: Mo Ali/Medeshi

Somalilandsun – Amin Amir is a Canadian of Somali decent who campaigns for justice, social and economic equality among the Somali speaking population worldwide.
In this episode, Amin touches the greed and the political problems of Hassan of Somalia. President Hassan is facing impeachment motion initiated by the members of the Somali parliament .
In this cartoon , Amin depicts Hassan who is sitting on the presidential chair being comforted by one of his cronies .

The conversation translated from Somali goes as follows:
Farah comforts President Hassan and tells him” Hassan , please be quite , we will protect you against this motion . Be strong.”
The PM stands by puzzled .
President Hassan retorts ” Farah , please protect me against this impeachment motion “.
The army officer in uniform says;” Sir shall I tell the public that the parliament quarters are not safe?
The man on the opposite seat and with the green neck-tie says ” My advice is that the mothers that inhabit in the districts of the capital should stage protests and demonstrations against the parliament”.
The man on the right-hand corner with the traditional hat tells the president’s cronies ” Stop playing in and mocking the presidency ” ..