Somaliland: “Amb Kay is Sabotaging our Nationhood” Alleges Guurti Elder


Elder M  Abdirahman

As Elder Mohamed Haji Abdirahman terms the Hawiye elders visit as the first overt move by the UNSOM chief who is behind their trip funding

By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The recent visit to Hargeisa by over 70 Community Elders drawn from the various Sub clans of the larger Hawiye clan from Mogadishu have been linked to acquiring incentives from efforts catered by UNSOM agency headed by Nicolas Kay, a British Diplomat.

This was disclosed by Mohamed Haji Abdirahman an MP from the House of Elders (Guurti), Somaliland’s Upper House of Parliament in a press dispatch obtained by Somalilandsun dated 13th May.

Mohamed Abdirahman maintains the Elders’ visit is akin to previous wider strategies employed by Ambassador Kay aimed at destabilizing the quite enjoyment of peace & tranquility, rendering institution of Government ineffective in addition to creating chaos and disharmony among the people of Somaliland.

The MP opines that Mogadishu based UNSOM under the leadership of Kay organized and funded the Elders’ visit that is intended to reflect the popular view of unified Somalia being tenable.

The Guurti Member believes Kay’s efforts are geared in damaging 23 years of clamoring for recognition status, a positive desire held by Somalilanders. He attributes the visit as one coinciding with Turkey led peace talks that can be substituted by the role of Elders altogether.

Press statement of the Guurti member is reproduced in verbatim below:

“Today, the 12th day of the month of May I hereby shed more light at the circumstances & events dominating discussions at public joints over the visit by Elders from the South.

The visit was calculated to render Somaliland negatively in the eyes of the world that is following Turkey brokered talks between the 2 nations. The visit is ill timed as it is intended to counteract resolutions arrived at the talks by suggesting that the same can be realized by subscribing to Somali traditions of engaging Elders in settlement of dispute between the 2 states. The visit is tasked in showcasing that unified Somalia is a notion held by the masses to the chagrin of political leadership.

The larger plans of destroying Somaliland’s rising attributes are engineered by UNSOM an agency headed by Nicolas Kay that has previously stated its ineffectiveness in serving Somaliland and sees no need of establishing an office at Hargeisa.

As pointed out in his last speech before Security Council, Kay decried of ineffectiveness as his office could not discharge its mandate over Hargeisa as there is a functioning Government in place.

Let me take this opportunity in informing patriotic citizens as well as the Government that there are hidden forces behind the visit with strategies and financial backing emanating from Mogadishu based UNSOM under Nicolas Kay.

Since Kay sees Somalis as a society that adheres to traditions & customs he believes that Elders led mediation can substitute the worldwide supported dialogue before ultimately signaling it to be the popular view held by the masses that are ready to be ruled federally under one administration.

Finally I would like to call the President of Somaliland Republic, heads of Government institutions; citizens weather at home or abroad, leadership of political parties to be conscious of hidden enemies starting with UNSOM that can only be defeated by being united in collectively safeguarding the sovereignty of our nation.

I therefore depart by advising the regime in power to play its role in informing the motives behind the visit by convincing the world that Somaliland’s statehood is inevitable and cannot turn back the clock as it can neither alter the voice of the masses let alone changing their stand”.