Somaliland: Amb Bashe Parleys Emir of Ras al Khayman, Meets Resident Landers


As both sides commit to ensuring the DP world contract to manage Berbera port is successful
Somaliland envoy to UAE ambassador Bashe Omar Farah at the Ras al Khayman palace

By: Mahmud Walaleye

Somalilandsun- The lengthy relations between the United Arab Emirates and more Ras al Khayman shall not only be sustained but enhanced as well.
This decision follows a meeting between the somaliland diplomatic envoy to the UAE Ambassador Bashe Omar Farah and the Emir of Ras al Khayman His Highness Saud bin Saqr where the DP world contract to manage and develop the Somaliland port of Berbera was also divulged into.
Amb Bashe who was accompanied by citizens of Somaliland resident in the Ras al Khayman and on his maiden visit to the Emirate took the opportunity to thank on behalf of his boss president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo the ruler for continued support to the development of the country.
According to official reports the meeting also dwelt on how the emirate can input more on humanitarian and development assistance to Somaliland upon provision of a detailed needs for support request by authorities in Hargeisa.
Amb Bashe Omar Farah at Ras Khayman palaceHis Highness Saud bin Saqr who commended the government of Somaliland for its very discernible efforts to provide economic growth for its citizens pledged to avail DP world with all relevant assistance towards its fulfillment of contractual obligations in management and development to international standards the port of Berbera.
Last month the Governments of Somaliland and the UAE entered into a contract worth over $400m and spanning 30 years for DP World to run operations at the main port of Berbera a deal that shall see the global port operator not only manage but rehabilitate and erect new structures within the period of its domain.
Citizens of Somaliland resident in Ras al Khayman and accompanying Amb Bashe Omar Farah at the meeting thanked HH Saud bin Sagar for his continued interventions not only on issues related to the development of their country but their personal welfare as well.
The landers in Ras al Khayman who hailed the DP world contract signed by the two Governments also pledged their total support thus see to it that the main port of Somaliland does not only achieve prevalent global standards but uplifting of poverty in the country as well.
Ambassador Bashe Omar Farah made the maiden visit to Ras al Khayman after a similar one in Abu Dhabi where he held discussions with rulers of the emirate that also doubles as the capital of the UAE and broke Ramadan fast with Somalilanders resident there.