Somaliland: “Am in Mogadishu on a Business and Not Political Visit” Mr. Falay


Mr Ahmed Abdi FalayBy: Yusuf M Hasan

MOGADISHU (Somalilandsun) – “My alleged transfer of allegianng my public standing in Somaliland”

This was said by Mr. Ahmed Abdi Falay, the immediate former deputy mayor of Burao during a telephone interview with the Somaliland media group Editor Munir Ahmed Egge thus denying alleged defection to Mogadishu.

Mr. Falay was reported by as having decamped to Somalia after landing at the Aden Ade international in Mogadishu where he received a warm and official reception from deputy interior minister Mr. Jama Ahmed Mohamed “Jama Oday” who is originally from Somaliland.

“Am in Mogadishu on a Business and Not Political Visit and expect to return home to Somaliland as soon as my affairs are completed” said Mr. Falay

The former deputy mayor who lost his Burao municipality membership after his bid on a Kulmiye party failed to bear fruits said that he wants to inform not only Somalilanders but the entire world citizenry as well that he is a committed Somalilander to the bone and his being in Mogadishu should not be construed to mean anything else, Said he,

“I Mr. Ahmed Abdi Falay former deputy mayor of Burao local Council and member of the ruling party of Kulmiye central committee hereby deny my alleged defection from Somaliland”

“I therefore wish to deny the alleged change of allegiance by informing that I am currently in the Somalia capital Mogadishu for on a personal visit related to my business thus nothing to do with seeking a post in the government here”

Mr. Falay who was among the first group of elected councilors in 2002 and subsequently held the position of the deputy mayor in the country’s second largest local government was at pains as he reiterated his commitment to the yet unrecognized sovereignty of his homeland Somaliland.

In conclusion Mr. Falay who informed that his car is currently at the Berbera international airport’s parking lot awaiting his imminent return, Said, “let all be informed that my personal conviction to the irrevocable sovereignty of my country is as strong as ever” further

In the recent past travel to Mogadishu by Somalilanders has raised heckles with the Hargeisa administration that recently sentenced King Rabi Yusuf a traditional leader to two years imprisonment for a similar visit to the current one by Falay.