Somaliland: Alnuur Furniture Shod Hargeisa Orphans For Eid


Assortment of Alnuur Donation to Orphans

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Over 480 children at the Hargeisa orphanage shall celebrate Eid-Ul-Adha in style courtesy of an assortment of new clothes, shoes and toys donated by Alnuur Furniture Company.

At a handover ceremony undertaken at the Hargeisa orphanage the matron of the institution Ms that is home to children from various parts of Somaliland and neigbouring Ethiopia Asha Mahmud Khalib thanked Alnuur furniture for the donation which

she termed as “one that will make the children feel special during the imminent Eid-ul-adha festivities”

The Matron who urged other well-wishers and affluent members of society as well as other private companies to emulate Alnuur f

urniture company which has over the years ensured that residents of the orphanage are dressed in new and shiny clothing during Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-adha holidays.

“May Allah reward Mr. Abdirahman Nuur of Alnuur Furniture for his continued support to the orphans who are very vulnerable members of society” said Ms Khalib

Upon taking over the truckloads of Alnuur donations in the presence of beneficiaries, a beaming matron testified that though the furniture company has been making similar contributions bi-annually for a number of years the current consignment was the best and most inclusive of all.

some of the beneficieries of the Alnuur donation to Hargeisa Orphanage

While revealing that the support by “Alnuur Furniture over the years has played a great role in meeting the wants of the children especially clothing which the orphanage is very grateful for Ms. Khalib said the contended hearts of the children and their prayers has something to do with the success of the furniture company.

According to the Alnuur furniture company Public relations officer Mohamed Abdi Farah the happy faces of the orphans whenever they receive the donations is one of the driving force behind continued commitment to the biannual exercise.

“We are very pleased with the warm welcome accorded us by the children and staff members of the Hargeisa orphanage and promise to be back with more and better things in future” said Mohamed A Farah

The locally owned company presented the assortment of clothing to the children at the city orphan centre with the children and staff in attendance.

In the absence of the company’s managing director Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Nuur who is in china on business this year’s Alnuur Furniture donation was handed over to the orphanage by Public relations officer Mohamed Abdi Farah.

Mohamed Abdi Farah hands over the Alnuur donation to orphange matron Ms Asha Khalib

During a telephone interview with Somalilandsun the company’s managing director Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Nuur said that while others also enjoy from the corporate responsibility of Alnuur Furniture Company the Hargeisa orphanage is one of its main beneficiary.

Said he, “Apart from corporate responsibilities it is our obligation as Muslims to support orphans thus our over the years commitment to the Hargeisa Orphanage”

It is a custom for all especially children to be dressed in new clothes during the two Islamic festival celebrations of Eid-ul Fitr that comes a day after end of Ramadan (fasting) and Eid ul Adha that coincides with holy pilgrimage to the holly cities of Mecca and Medina.

As he wished the Hargeisa orphans, Alnuur furniture customers, somalilanders and Muslims worldwide a happy Eid Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Nuur also thanked the Al Nuur Furniture clients for continued loyalty to its products, stressing that “it is they, clients, who make the annual donation to the orphanage and company’s corporate responsibility possible”

Epitome of abudant opportunities in Somaliland, Abdirahman Alnuur (R)  at a trade fair in China

While promising improve the quality of regular range of home and office furniture and furnishings supplied by his company Mr. Alnuur said that conclusion of his current trip in china shall see an assortment of hitherto unseen products to be stocked by the Alnuur furniture nationwide and regional network.

the furniture company that started in Hargeisa a few years ago with an initial capital of $149 is now a regional actor with major concerns not in Somaliland but in Ethiopia and Djibouti as well thence an Epitomize of the abundant opportunities in Somaliland.

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