Somaliland: Alnuur Furniture, From Rags to Riches


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Al Nuur a local furniture companies exemplifies the abundant investment opportunities in the country.

According to the firm’s managing director Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Nuur, the furniture company that started in Hargeisa a few years ago with an initial capital of $149 is now a regional actor with major concerns not in Somaliland but in Ethiopia and Djibouti as well.

Al Nuur furniture company which was declared as the best trading company in Somaliland during the inaugural Somaliland Business Fair-SBF in December last year is mainly engaged in the furnishing business where it avails high quality products to customers of all pocket sizes. The organizers of the SBF which attracted over 125 companies from 30 countries subsequently awarded Alnuur Furniture the SBF First class commercial company certificate.

The Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Nuur youthful MD of the furniture company that also was recognized as the leading private company in community service provision nationwide SOYADO, a local youth NGO, says that the awards gave him and his staff the impetus to serve their customers and community at large better.

SOYADO awarded Alnuur Furniture company a certificate in recognition of it’s as the leading community service provide within Somaliland private sector institutions engaged in community service thus the Dedicated Community service award that honours companies and individuals selected after a nationwide poll taken by SOYADO.

According to the chairperson of SOYADO Mr. Mohamed Harun Ahmed Somalilanders recognized Alnuur Furniture Company’s engagement in community service as most visible and tangible considering that it was established in 2001

The Alnuur Furniture MD said that his firm which has a policy of sharing profits with the community is deeply involved in subsidizing the Hargeisa based children’s orphanage that is home to over 800 orphans from various parts of the country, Somalia and neighbouring Ethiopian zone five.

Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Nuur further informs that Al Nuur furniture has embarked on supporting marriages as part of its community service, Said he, “Our marriage support program came about on recognizing that married couples are the backbone of our business growth”

The MD revealed that his firm supports not only newly married couples but old ones as well through availing them 30% price reduction on all items purchased at any Al Nuur outlet in the country.

Al Nuur furniture company which imports most of its Home, office, study, Hotel, Hospital etc. furniture from abroad has continued to attract a large number of committed clients who are not only attracted by the high quality products but innovative practices established by the company.

According to Ms Fozia Idleh Hasan, a house wife in Hargeisa her continued association with Al Nuur furniture started at Mansoor hotel during the SBF in December 2011, Said she, “I took advantage of the offer of 15% reduction for six months announced by the company and today my house is provides comfortable living for my family despite our low income”

Ms Fozia a customer of Al Nuur was referring to an innovative business tactic announced by the company when it won the top price during the SBF inaugural event that attracted 125 companies from 30 countries.

The MD revealed that the offer of 15% price reduction for six months that ended in June attracted 12367 clients from all over the country. The offer entailed a customer registering at any outlet of the company where a registration card with client contacts was issued thus enabling the client to use the card for purchase with 15% discount throughout the months of January to June 2012.

“Of the registered 12367 prospective clients 7113 took advantage and we are now planning an event in early July at the Civil Service Hall in Hargeisa where the top 5% of the 7113 customers will be awarded various items in recognition of their stoicism as Al Nuur customers” Said MD Abdirahman M Nuur

Though the company has achieved much since it was established in 2001, constant flow of products is constrained by difficulties in financial transactions with international suppliers, says the company MD who on congratulating the president for initiating the enactment of banking laws, said that a need exists for implementers to hasten opening banks with international connections.

“While the banking laws have been enacted it is imperative that they be put in practice thus facilitate the much sought foreign investment in the country” Said MD Abdirahman M Nuur.

The Alnuur furniture company that has outlets in Hargeisa, Berbera, Burao, Gabile, Borame, Las anod and Erigavo within the country utilizes the services of commission agents who are supplied company products for sale on commission basis.

As for prices in the company where quality meets price, a five bedroomed house can be fully furnished in a very stylish way from between $1500 to $3000. Furniture available at these prices includes those for the bedroom, living room, dining room, children’s room. Also availed are items like a 21inch TV with receiver and satellite dish.