Somaliland: Alnuur Benefits Salahle Hargeisa Road Construction


By: Abdisalam Ahmed Guleid

Al Nuur furniture has donated 50 barells of tar to the Salahle road construction Committee thus aid completion of the remaining part of the road.

The Alnuur donation was presented to the Salahle roads committee by Mr Abdirahman Nuur during the roads opening ceremony by President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo who officially inaugurated the first tarmacked 13 Kms at Toon town.

The Alnuur furniture company was thanked by the Head of the roads construction committee Mr Mohammed Yusuf Elm who informed that the company’s donation will go along way towards assisting the roads project that had hitherto depended on community contribution only.

According to the head of the Alnuur this donation is part of the furniture company’s corporate responsibility that entails that it returns back to the community part of its profit.

This is not tAlnuur contribution to help complete this roadhe first time for the Alnuur furniture company to participate in community development having been the foremost contributor to the Hargeisa Children’s orphanage and other sectors.

The Alnuur company has also been named the number one commercial company in the country by the both the first and second Somaliland Business Fair held in 2010 and 2012 respectively

The company’s public relations officer Mr Mohamed Suleiman says that they at Alnuur furniture are determined, at all times, to actively and positively participate in the country’s development.

Always Alnuur furniture stands for the development of community needs and we will continue that” said Mr Mohammed heard of community relation of al Nuur furniture.

Edited by: Yusuf M Hasan