Somaliland: Ali Marehaan Unworthy of a Ministerial Post” Eng Feisal Warabe


Somaliland minister of public works and housing Ali Marehaan

Somalilandsun – Appointment to positions in public office at all levels in Somaliland should be to worthy and upstanding citizens with the relevant qualifications.
This was stated by the UCID party leader Eng Feisal Ali Warabe during a party function in Hargeisa where he termed the public works and housing minister Ali Hasan Mohamed ‘Ali Marehaan’ as one unworthy of public office.
Wondering how a known trouble maker like Ali Marehaan made it to the president Silanyo council of ministers, eng Feisal Ali who is also the Opposition party’s presidential flag-bearer in November slated elections, went on to accuse the public works minister of violating the property rights of Suleiman Bide, a prominent citizen.
“The Suleiman Bide, known to the young and old in Somaliland and his family are about to lose a farm they own adjacent to the Egal international airport in Hargeisa” Eng Feisal to his party adherents.
According to the firebrand politician the tussle for the piece of land utilized as a farm by the Suleiman Bide family follows directives by minister Ali Marehaan that they vacate it immediately.
Revealing that the family has owned the farm for ages having been awarded it through a presidential decree, Eng Feisal said that minister Ali Marehaan wants the piece of land for himself.
“The irony is the farm was not even allocated to Suleiman Bide but to his father many years ago” said Eng Feisal adding that on several occasions and accompanied by Sultan Mohamed, the rogue monster has not only turned a deaf ear but intensified his intent to evict the family and acquire the farm fraudulently”
Suleiman Bide is a poet of repute in the country and a renowned composer of many popular songs and dramas.
Terming such incidences as the major failure of the ruling Kulmiye party, the aspiring president said that if his party wins the November elections, only qualified and god fearing citizens shall be appointed to his administration.

Eng Feisal Ali Warabe leader of opposition party UCID and Somaliland presidential candidate

On a number of occasions in the past Eng Feisal Ali Warabe has publicly informed that complaints submitted by residents of Awdal Region through him and pertaining to land issues have been ignored by public works minister Ali Marehaan