Somaliland: “Ali Khalif Galayd Hold Your Constitutional Review Horses” MP Abdirahman Dheere


Somalilandsun – While the Khatumo Reconciliation Agreement Should be fulfilled to the letter, the incoming administration should be given time.
The urging were made to Khatumo secession leader Prof Ali Khalif Galayd by Somaliland Member of Parliament Abdirahman Osman Ali popular known as Abdirahman Dheere during a tet ‘a’ tet with Geeska Afrika in Hargeisa
The legislator who started by congratulating president Musa Behi upon his election win and subsequent ascension to office also went on to commend the system utilized in forming the administration which the legislator termed as satisfactory to all communities in the country.
In apparent response to recent calls for the opening of constitutional Review made by Prof Ali Khalif Galayd, the head of the Khatumo secession movement operating in the east of Somaliland, the legislator said haste should be avoided.
“While The Khatumo reconciliation accords that include constitutional Review were entered upon by the past government, President Musa Behi should be given time” said MP Abdirahman Dheere adding that the new administration has been in office for only 19 day’s.
At the same time Prof Galayd was also appraised to the fact that while constitutional review was part of the accords signed it was not the only issue.
Said he, “ Constitutional review is not specific to the Khatumo accord but to various aspects prevalent in the country today, said the legislator adding that president Behi is also faced by a myriad of other national priorities.
Supporting the full compliance and implementation of the Khatumo accords that he termed as behind tranquility in east of Somaliland, MP Abdirahman Dheere also urged upon President Musa Behi commitment to see the agreement to fruition
Prof Ali Khalif Galayd has in the recent past publicly spoken in the urgency of starting the constitutional Review process agreed upon in the Khatumo reconciliation accords.