Somaliland: ALAS, Illegality of Legislature and the Never to be Parliamentary Elections


Somalilandsun- The Sitting unconstitutional membership of the Somaliland House of Representatives is the only dent in the country’s much touted democratization process.
Slated for disbandment in January 2018 thus facilitated for elections in March of the same year, members of the Somaliland lower chamber of parliament are reported to be in the process of extending their tenure, ALAS for the fifth time.
Since election in 2005 the House of Representatives has not seen any elections thus deceased or resigned members are replaced by respective political parties in a system yet to be fathomed.
Though by-elections are usually the norm in replacing a member of the house, this rule does not apply to Somaliland where a by-election has never been held since the onset of one person one vote on 2002.
Despite the fallacy of the replacement process the absurdity prevalent is that one of the parties sponsoring candidates in 2002 namely UDUB no longer exists thence difficult to understand how an MP of that party is currently replaced.
As to the anticipated second parliamentary elections in Somaliland after 13 years, reports indicate that the very same members supposed to face elections are set to extend their tenure.
Though not yet made public the national lectionary commission is perceived to have neither the will to organize the March 2018 slated parliamentary elections.
Though supposed to have departed the chambers in 2010 the below process has seen sitting parliamentarians continued stay in office through terms extensions
1. First term extension of 2 years from 30th -10- 2010 to 30th -6- 2013
2. Second term extension of 2 years two months and 27 days term extension starting from 30th -6- 2013 to 27th -6-2015
3. Third term extension of 2 years from 27th -6-2015 to 27th-10-2017
4. Fourth term extension of 2 years expiring on the 28th April 2018

Somaliland House of Representatives to extend term for fifth time

As it stands now and in lieu of the very thorny issue of proportional seat sharing on a regional basis that is directly related to failure of holding Parliamentary elections it appears that come April and the same old faces will be occupying the Somaliland Hose of representatives
This will be a result of the anticipated fifth 2 years term extension that will stretch to 2020.
In the meantime and as members of the House of Representatives continue to grow fat courtesy of public coffers the said tax payers continue to suffer through their legislators ineptness.