Somaliland: Al-Shabaab Commander Cooling Terrorism Horses in Custody


Commander Arabey

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun- A senior Al-Shabaab commander purportedly defecting from the group is in detention awaiting arraignment in a Hargeisa Court of laws.

Cornered by Somaliland Intelligences and Security forces Abdilahi Mohamed Arabey was apprehended at Hidh-hidh village of Toghdeer region and adjacent to the border with Ethiopia.

Arabey who is a senior commander is believed to have been escaping and seeking refuge in Somaliland where he originates from after reported fallout with his boss and groups top Commander Ahmed Abdi Godane.

The two Godane and Arabey former close allies are reported to have fallen out and ensuing infighting that has seen he, Godane, assume full control of the Al-Qaeda aligned group after assassinating most of his rivals while others have absconded.

Meanwhile unconfirmed sources indicate that the arrest of Arabey was effected with the help of Ethiopian intelligence agents.

Arabey is believed to be a senior key figure in the militant’s ranks and maintained a good relation with Al Shabaab’s top commander Ahmed Abdi Godane before a serious infighting broke within the group. Arabey and Godane both hail originally from Somaliland.

Al-Shabaab is battling the weak internationally propped Federal government in Mogadishu for control of Somalia which has gained distinction of holding the title of World’s failed state for over 2 decades.