Somaliland: Airline Introduces Local Routes Air Service


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – It is now possible to commute between Burao and Hargeisa in 25 minutes instead of the usual 3 or more hoursAn Ultimate plane at Egal int airport.

This development follows the launch of Ultimate Airline that will operate local flights connecting the country’s regional cities on a daily basis.

During the official launch of air operations by Ultimate Air on Thursday, a Somalilandsun reporter travelled to Burao in 25 minutes where she took lunch and returned to the capital city within a span of an hour and half.

While on the route launch flight to Burao of Toghdeer region where the Ultimate Air shall operate to and from five days a week airline officials informed that thrice weekly flights to and from Erigavo in Sanaag region are the next phase with commencement expected this week.

Ultimate Air which becomes the first airline to exclusively operate local passenger routes in Somaliland is also available for hire in emergencies, personal transport or cargo to and from and city in the country.

Ultimate flight crewOn return from the Burao route service inaugural flight an Elderly lady M/s Nimo Abdullah on board said the new air services are highly required in the country due to the distances from regions as well the roads conditions which make it impossible for ease of travel especially during emergencies

The lady who revealed that the flight has made it possible for her to move her ailing relative from Burao to Hargeisa for treatment said that the movement was not possible by road due to the nature of the ailment.

The airline company hopes that Diaspora Somalilanders on holidays, business people, International organizations etc shall take advantage of the local air services that are to be extended to other parts of the wider Horn region soon.