Somaliland: Ainabo Police Confisticate Saraar Ministry of Health Regional Ambulance


Ainabo exit check point ( photo by Yusuf M Hasan -Somalilandsun)

By Gulled Abdi Maher

AINABO (Somalilandsun) – Disagreement between the Saraar regional health officials and the management of Ainabo hospital concerning who should be in charge of an ambulance donated to the hospital and the MCH of the town, forced police to intervene.

They towed the ambulance to Ainabo police station. At the time the police had taken the vehicle the Director General of the hospital had asked the driver of the ambulance to go and collect a sick patient 10km away.

Police and eyewitnesses said that there was argument between the hospital management and the region health coordinator Mr. Abdi Yasin who was in Burao town. The hospital Director General Mr. Abdurahman Ahmed Farah talking about this case said that since his appointment he has experienced non –cooperation in work between different health departments because of bad blood between him and the eastern region health coordinator.

Sarrar Governal House Photo by Yusuf m Hasan-Somalilandsun)

Mr. Abdurahman asked the ministry of health to intervene because since he was posted to the hospital in October of this year, the coordinator has made his work difficult by interfering in his running of the hospital. He added that the coordinator want the ambulance to be parked at the MCH instead of working for the poor patients who are too sick and have no means to reach the hospital.