Somaliland: Aideed Gesture Unprecendeted Indeed


By: M.A.Egge

The indeed unprecedented gesture shown by Aideed, is surely one that will forever be remembered not only by Somalilanders alone, but by people all over the entire horn regions.

As simple an act as it might have seem, it took a softer but larger heart to do so, given our history. Yes, a soft heart that is sensitive to people’s needed, and yes, a large one that pours out to give.

The 1.4 million USD worth of machineries donated to build the Salahley road is definitely no mean feat.

We hail Aideed today and honour his kindness with the noble humbleness deserved, hence at the same time and in the same breath, we call upon other Somalilanders to emulate him and do the necessary.

Support by way of moral, material or any worthwhile act is real support.

Given the had economic times that we are paddling and wadding through, we should stoop somehow and look what below us lie. A small tiny-weeny dot of aid, even by lending a hand to a disabled, young toddler or aged person, is worth the merit.

The efforts of Somtel, Telesom or other companies that are driven towards alleviating poverty, boosting infrastructure, beatification, educational, health or other social development are of course noted.

However, if we had a few dozen more Aideed’s, then indeed sky would be the limit for us.

The writer Mohamed Ahmed Egge is the editor of the Horn Tribune an English weekly newspaper published by the Dawan Media Group in Hargeisa

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