Somaliland: Ahmed Gurey FC wins Awdal Regional Football Championship


Somalilandsun- A month long football tournament in Awdal Regional concluded on Friday 26th October 2018 at the Haji Dahir Stadium In Borame.

During the final of The inaugural regional tournament graced by several senior national and regional officials as well as local political leaders at the Haji Dahir Stadium hundreds of Spectators were on hand to cheer finalists PSJ and Ahmed Gurey football clubs.
At the high paced game in which players from both teams displayed quality football tactics Ahmed Gurey emerged victors after drubbing their opponents PSJ 2-0.
Ahmed Gurey this became Awdal Regional football champions after a grueling one month of play involving 30 teams representing all districts in the western Somaliland region
The ministerial team in attendance at the final game included ministers of youth and sports, Planning, Agriculture and Commerce.
Speaking on behalf of his colleagues the youth and sports minister Yusuf Mire Mohamed ‘ Boos’ took the opportunity to congratulate the victorious Ahmed Gurey football club for a well deserved top place while commending runners up PSJ for bravery in quest for the top regional place.

Spectators cheer their teams at finals of the Awdal Regional football tournament in Haji Dahir Stadium Borame

“Though congratulations go to the tournament’s winners and runners up , I wish to take special note of the other 28 teams that participated for they made the Awdal Regional football championship possible” said Minister Boos.
According to the sports minister similar tournaments are taking place in all regions of Somaliland with the ultimate objective of selecting a team to represent respective regions at forthcoming national championship.
Thanking the organizers for their apt work , minister Boos Mire promised similarly support by the his ministry during other sporting disciplines tournaments planned for Awdal region.
The youth and sports minister concluded by handing over the Awdal Regional football championship cup to Ahmed Gurey football team with players from the victors and runners up PSJ also receiving medals.
The Borame local council, hosted the two teams to a sumptuous dinner at the town as promised by mayor Suleiman Hasan Haddi.
While similar tournaments are taking place all over Somaliland what made the one on Awdal region distinct is the activities undertaken by Horseed Sanitation Agency.

D. M. Haddi

During the entire one month duration of the Awdal Regional football tournament, Horseed Sanitation Agency undertook voluntary services that saw members make the Haji Dahir Stadium sparkle clean through daily garbage collection within and in the vicinity of the games venue .

By: D. M.Haddi