Somaliland: Agreement to Disagree Turns Sour as MPs Maim Themselves


Hon. Abdirahman L and Hon. Rayte R

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun): – Political antagonism has had its casualties carry the day in the form of grievous bodily harm as two high profile parliamentarians meted punishment to each other by pounding themselves mercilessly.

Hon. Abdirahman Osman Aalin is said to have suffered a broken shoulder when he was hit by Hon. Rayte at the parliamentary buildings.

The fiasco between the two was widely reported by the local media given that the failure of disagreeing to agree on recent parliamentary sub-committee changes has at last resulted to agreeing to disagree turning sour!

Since the two subordinate speakers of the national assembly declared the committees’ changes of guard null and void, hence immediately followed by the speaker’s sharp retort that was supported by legal experts, the political temperature seems to only have upped in the august house.

Reports say that the former Justice Committee head, Hon. Abdirahman-deere, have been diagnosed to have fractured his left shoulder after being allegedly hit by a laptop computer. Violent fists fight that thereafter erupted with lots of commotion cost them dearly in injuries, only to be saved by colleagues who stepped in, amongst them another high profile figure Hon Said Elmi Roble.

It adds that his foe, Hon. Rayte who has just been elected to head the powerful interior, Defence and Social Affairs committee has had his fingers injured.

The tag-of-war in the parliament has not in any way helped the political climate in the country ebb other than worsening it to high fever pitch.

The reports do not clarify the facts that led to the first-fights between the two which was definitely preceded catalystic war of words.

What is however known is that the parliament has been pushed to seriously polarized political rifts such that it is now turning in to open antagonism.

This is not the first time such scenario is seen taking place in by our supposedly honourable members.

The whole world witnessed the same saga when the Hon Ibrahim Mahdi Buuba, youngest member who has now been elected to chair the most powerful Permanent Sub- Committee, was seen in televisions pounding outspoken colleague Hon Kijande while a session was on!