Somaliland: AG Hijacks Hargeisa Municipality Land Registrar


AG Aw Dhere

By: Osman A.M

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland Auditor General-AG has commandeered a senior Hargeisa municipality land official from his office in Hargeisa without officially stating reasons for his action.

According to eye witnesses speaking to members of the press, the Auditor General Mahmud Dhere just entered the officer’s office and took him away to yet undisclosed place thus raising concerns about the abductee’s status.

The Eye witnesses most of them colleagues from various departments were however certain that no one in Hargeisa municipality council is privy to what the AG hijacked Mr. Nassir has done prior to his hijacking by the Auditor General.

The municipality management who were caught unawares and came to know of the staffer’s disappearance after the fact remains puzzled by what warranted the AG to come to their offices and just pick a staff of the council without uttering a word or informing them in advance

According to the municipality officials they are however making follow-ups in pursuit of his whereabouts and circumstances leading to his forceful removal from office and subsequent secret confinement.

What is not known at the moment however is weather the Auditor General is conducting an official investigation against land office of the municipality following a major public out-cry against officers from that department or if it shall be this one incident alone.

Up to now it is unknown where the officer is being held and why but what is clear is that the incident has installed fear in the municipality’s senior land officials.

While the AG is mandated with investigating corruption within public service sector the manner of his commandeering Nassir the city municipality land registrar in-charge of Title deeds issuance is a mystery that is more confounding because the AG’s office has in the past made several arrests ending without conclusive action apart from service termination with dishonor a vivid act of selective breeding for ulterior motives.